Points to Consider Before you Make Uber Like App

In the 21st Century, Uber emerged as the most successful business startup in the ride-hailing industry. After Uber appearance in the ride-hailing market, it became popular and thus the competitors also stepped in. Uber completely transformed the idea of taxi transportation.

After the digital transformation, and observing the success of Uber, every taxi business owner wants to have an Uber-like App, white label solution providers and the companies dealing with taxi management software received a lot of clients requests that they want an app having Uber App features. The companies start receiving queries like what will be the cost to build a taxi app, what are the must-have features in the Uber-like app, and how much time it will take to create an app like Uber.

If you want to get an UBER LIKE APP, Keep in mind the features it will have for making a taxi startup successful. Therefore, before creating an app like Uber, you must consider the following significant points that make Uber distinct from its competitors.

Modules of Uber-like App:

Uber has the three primary modules, and therefore its clone must have them too.

  • Rider / Passenger Module
  • Driver Module
  • Admin Module

The business owner manages all operation of its business via Admin Module like monitoring the fleet of vehicles, cash flows, etc.

The crucial question regarding the cost required in the development of an Uber-like app arises when a business owner thinks to have one for their business. The development cost of an UBER-like-app is directly proportional to the required features in App. The cost of the app depends on the number of features it will contain.

Another factor to consider is the time needed to build an app like Uber. The time depends on the company, via which you are getting services. If the company is efficient, committed and have a white label solution it will take less time to add more features according to your business requirements, however, if the company is developing the app from the scratch it will take more time.

Uber App Features:

The must-have traits in an UBER like app are:

Online Database Managment:

The app maintains an online database. The database includes drivers and riders profiles which have their necessary details. In the driver app, the stored data includes their full name, identity number, cell number, home address, and most essential their driving license details. The recorded data keep minimizing the criminal cases, and the driver profile is easily accessible in case of an emergency. The online database also stores data about the number of trips, the route and the time of the trip. These features help in the data analysis.

GPRS Integration:

The GPRS should integrate into your app. It is used to locate the exact pickup and dropoff location. Moreover, it helps in tracking of vehicles. In short, GPRS Integration adds value to the taxi dispatch software.

In-app Payment:

In-app payment is a new trend. It helps the rider to pay from their app. It is a more convenient option as there is no need to carry cash all the time for riding. Furthermore, it is secured too.

Built-in Module to Collect Fees from Drivers:

One of the necessary features is to introduce an integrated module to collect fees from drivers. The amount goes in the company account after deducting the driver’s salary. The admin (business owner) have the authority to set policies and rules. In the app, he can set the way of getting cash and the amount of cash charged from the driver.
Not only this, he can set billing cycle and subscription plans, etc. The advance features end the manual work, i.e., paper use in business.

Future Strategies on Data Analysis:

The growth of a business depends on future strategies. The future strategies depend on analyzing the current data. Therefore, there must be a feature which concludes meaningful results of real-time data of your business and helps in determining the future strategies.

Communication Feature:

Communication feature assures the success of any company. If you built an app and do not include a communication module, your app would be less productive. Communication act as a bridge between drivers, passengers, and the company for interaction. The company can use push notifications, and in-app messages to keep drivers and riders updated about news, campaigns, and strategies.

Moreover, in case of an emergency, there is an integration of emergency dial to call the concerned for help. The riders or drivers have access to call the helpline. API is required to build a connection. When booking a ride, the drivers and riders can contact each other, which enhances the privacy of customers.

Dispatch and Tracking Panel:

The admin or the owner of the company has access to the web-based admin module. In the web-based, the dispatch and tracking module is integrated, which helps to monitor all the vehicles of the fleet. They have their data such as drivers’ performance, salaries, passengers trips, etc. They can track orders received from the passengers’ app.

Value Added Features:

Other than the above-illustrated features, the more value-adding features include fare calculation, Splitting of payments, selection of required vehicle, Interactive map option, and real-time tracking of your cab, referral programs, history of trips, discount coupons, and promos, etc.

Cost to build Taxi App Like Uber

Things to know before Actual Development:

Before you start actual development, you must understand that there will be:

  • 2 Mobile Applications & one Admin Panel.
  • The app should be available on two most popular platforms (iOS and Android)
  • The server will be required to purchase
  • Buying a readymade App having Uber-like Features is the Best for your Business

As a taxi business owner, to efficiently manage your business operations you want to digitally transform your business with the help of taxi management software and digital apps.

If you get the services of a company that builds an app from scratch, it will not be only expensive but also take a lot of time. Maintaining and upgrading such application is time-consuming. Whereas, if you buy a solution from a white label company, you can get a customized app according to your needs. It would take less time and affordable. The app solution needs regular update and maintenance as new versions of iOS or android arrives in the market.

We provide the most reasonable and complete taxi dispatch white label solutions. You may contact us if you want to digitalize your taxi business.


Many companies in the market are building app having Uber-like features. As a business owner, you need to select a company which is best on commitment, serves the best solution, competitive price, and especially on time delivery.

We provide the best white label taxi dispatch solution having uber app features. We understand the importance of commitment and responsibility. If you are looking for an app having Uber app features or even more, you can contact us.

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