Privacy Policy of CabStartup

This policy pertains to a suite of digital products; encompassing operator applications, web applications, and mobile driver and booking applications designed for Android and iOS platforms. These offerings, collectively known as the “Service,” have been developed and launched as integral components of the CabStartup solution.
At CabStartup, we place great importance on the protection of your personal information, acknowledging the responsibility entrusted to us when you share such data. Our Privacy Policy elaborates on how we utilize your personal data when you engage with our website and/or the CabStartup Mobile Applications.
CabStartup aims to elucidate the specific types of information it may gather from users through the Operator app, the Apps, and the Site, as well as how this data will be utilized. This Privacy Policy also addresses whether any information provided by users will be shared with third parties and sheds light on the utilization of “cookies” on the website. Rest assured, we adhere strictly to the guidelines outlined in this Policy, ensuring that your information is employed solely as described herein.
Through your utilization of CabStartup’s services or participation in activities such as accessing the site, downloading information, or registering, you are expressly granting consent for the processing of your personal data, encompassing activities such as retaining, using, disposing, collecting, or disclosing of this information, all in accordance with the provisions set forth in this policy.

Information CabStartup May Collect From You

CabStartup reserves the right to collect and process data, encompassing:


Third-Party Analytics Software

Yandex Metrica plays a crucial role in providing us with valuable statistical data concerning visitor behavior on our Site. This includes the recording of mouse movements, clicks, scrolling activity, and other relevant interactions. Through the analysis of this statistical data, we gain insights that enable us to enhance the navigation and design of the site, ultimately delivering an improved user experience. Our objective is to optimize the accessibility and efficiency of information on our Site, allowing users to find and utilize the content they seek in a faster and more efficient manner.

Facebook Pixel, Adroll Pixel and Google Ads

We employ Facebook’s advertising functionality and AdRoll’s advertising functionality on our Site’s pages, enabling us to transmit visitor activity data to these platforms. Through the use of pixels, Facebook has the capability to generate custom audiences based on visitors who access specific pages or complete conversions on our Site. It is important to note that we never reveal or share any personally identifiable information to Facebook. Our utilization of these pixels is solely for advertising purposes and to improve the effectiveness of our campaigns without compromising user privacy.

Rest assured that we do not share or reveal any personally detectable information to Google. Moreover, you can change the settings of the ads.

Through the utilization of Google Maps Controller/APIs, we gather data that facilitates geocoding and autocomplete functionalities within our app.

Google Sign-in

We make use of Google Sign-in data to facilitate the registration process on Operator app. When you register using Google Sign-in, we receive pertinent information about you, based on your chosen registration method. This information may encompass your name, profile picture, language, email address, and location. Our practices align with Google API Services, which adheres to Google’s guidelines regarding personal data protection.

IP Addresses and Cookies

CabStartup has the capability to collect data concerning your mobile device and computer, which may include your browser type, operating system, and IP address, as available. This information is gathered for the purpose of system administration and to enhance the browsing experience of users. It is essential to note that these statistics are collected in an anonymous manner and do not identify any specific person.

In pursuit of the same objective, CabStartup may acquire data about your general internet usage through the utilization of a cookie file, which is kept on the hard drive of your mobile device or computer. These cookies comprise information that is transported to your device’s storage. They play a vital role in enhancing the Site’s performance and enabling us to deliver a more personalized and improved service. These cookies empower us to:

You can stay away with cookies by adjusting your browser settings, but it may limit site access and shopping. CabStartup’s system issues cookies unless you disable them in your browser.

Where CabStartup Stores Your Personal Information

CabStartup may transfer your data outside the EEA with safeguards. By submitting your data, you agree to this. We ensure secure and compliant data handling.

If CabStartup has provided you with a username, login, or password for accessing specific parts of the Apps, Operator app, or the Site, it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of this information. We humbly request that you refrain from sharing your username, login, or password with anyone else.

CabStartup limits data access only to individuals who require it for processing on behalf of the company. Employees handling your data are obligated by confidentiality agreements. In the event of any failure to meet the required security standards for data processing, CabStartup reserves the right to take legal action against such individuals.

Why Do We Collect, Store and Process Your Information

CabStartup utilizes the information we hold about you for the following purposes:

CabStartup may employ your data, or allow specifically chosen third parties to utilize your data, in order to furnish you with information about services and goods that might be of interest to you. Additionally, CabStartup or these selected third parties may contact you through phone, post, or email regarding these offerings.

As a new customer, if CabStartup allows certain third parties to utilize your data, they will only contact you electronically with your consent. By using the App or the Site, you give consent for your data to be shared with third parties and used for additional purposes, including marketing.

How Long Do We Keep Your Information?

We will retain customer data, business information, and personal information for the duration required to:

Disclosure of Your Information

Third Parties : We share data with third parties under contract for Services, using non-identifiable or unique identifiers to protect your privacy. Third parties are bound to secure the data.
Business : CabStartup may share your information with potential successors, data processors, and use aggregated data for marketing and strategic purposes.
Advertising Partners : For advertising purposes, we share a unique advertising identifier and technical data with third-party partners, ensuring non-attribution to individuals.

Marketing Communication

After receiving our product, you may occasionally receive relevant promotional emails about special offers and new product features sent directly by us or through third-party email service providers.

You have the option to stop receiving promotional and marketing information at any time. Simply click “Unsubscribe” or send us a request to unsubscribe you from further promotional emails.

If you select to unsubscribe from our promotional emails, please note that you may miss out on news about product updates. However, you will still have the option to visit our blog and search for the latest news you wish to read.

Your Rights

You are entitled to request that CabStartup refrains from processing your personal information for the sake of marketing purposes. You can contact us through telephone, email, or post. CabStartup highly advises you to review the privacy policies of any third-party sites before divulging any information to them.

Access to Information

To process your personal information, we are required to have a valid legal basis. In the majority of cases, the legal basis for processing falls under one of the following categories:

In instances where the law mandates obtaining your consent, such as with respect to Cookies, we will seek your explicit approval before collecting and utilizing specific types of personal information.

Changes to CabStartup Privacy Policy

Any potential modifications to this Privacy Policy by CabStartup will be promptly published on this page. As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring the utmost privacy and security, this policy may undergo periodic updates. Therefore, we recommend reviewing this page each time you provide CabStartup with any personal information. The publishing date of the latest updates will be clearly indicated on this page.


We are fully aware of the significance our users place on security, and we prioritize the protection of your information. To safeguard your personal data against any potential risks such as alteration, disclosure, unauthorized access, misuse, or loss, we implement a comprehensive array of administrative, physical, and technical security measures. These measures include strict physical access controls, data encryption, firewalls at our data centers, and authorization controls for information access.

Please be advised that it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your personal information, and we strongly recommend keeping your account registration details and password(s) secure and strictly confidential, refraining from sharing them with any third parties.

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