E-Book Cab Startup Solution Features

Cab Startup Cloud Based Solution Features

CabStartup features are distinctive which make taxi business owners to stand out from other competitors who are using similar platforms. Below are some of the interactive features of CabStartup:

Auto Dispatching

It is a simple, fast and enticing booking software for your clients online that tracks drivers in real time, fairly distribute jobs, track vehicle route and provides updated reports.

Web bookings

Allows booking taxi online with our booking system. It is a user-friendly system that help cab companies to make their business stronger and increase their revenue.

Scheduled bookings

A feature of scheduled bookings allows to schedule a ride in nearly all cities where CabStartup is available.

Multiple Fare Types

The cost of CabStartup ride depends on the service you select. Fare varies according to your choice from the available option of yellow taxi, bike taxi, black cabs, limousine, SUV, and private drivers. It gives estimated cost from one point to another.


CabStartup collects all the information through analytics to check results. It allows bringing improvements where necessary.

Heat Maps

Using this feature, you can easily track down your taxi, which is a very powerful feature for both drivers and passengers as well as admin. Using this feature, drivers can target areas with less drivers and receive more chances of getting passengers. This way drivers will waste less time; fuel and increase the chances of providing a ride for customers.

Referral Code

In order for your business to capture overall market share, our package offers you feature of referral program in which passengers can invite and earn. Users can send invitations to their friends using email, SMS and social media. Now you can expand your business using this feature sign up today.

Access Control Level

You can assign different access level to your users. For example, you can allow users to view only driver related information or passenger related information. You can control all these access from your admin panel.


It allows you to generate reports of passengers, drivers, trips, and payments. You would be able to filter out the data of passengers, drivers, trips and payments by mentioning the dates and whether you need a report for active or inactive users. Trip-related reports can also be filtered based on the trip status that might include canceled, in progress, missed, or completed. All the generated reports can also be exported to excel.

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