CabStartup Cloud Solution Guide

How Cabstartup Works

CabStartup provides a white label solution that can fulfill on-demand booking requirements. Companies who are willing to get our white label solution can get customized app. With CabStartup white label solution, all the taxi business activities are automated. It allows digital billing, feedback, real-time tracking with GPS, and the list goes on.

Complete Taxi Dispatch Solution

Taxi dispatch software offers optimal functionality to operate fleet efficiently, improve service and increase revenues. There are three modules of a mobile app, one for the driver, one for passenger, and one is an admin panel that is managed by the business owner.

Driver App

With the driver app, drivers receive job opportunities and perform their job duties. Drivers can signup for the driver app by filling a form that requires complete details to register him on the platform. They can reset the password as per requirement.

Passenger App

Passengers can create a profile in a few steps. Already registered users can log in to the app using their phone number and password. Passengers can maintain their profiles by updating full name, email, picture, debit/credit card info and other relevant details.

Admin Panel

Admins can see the main statistics on the dashboard. They can track drivers on the map. In addition, they can also filter the drivers. Admin panel allows managing both passengers and drivers accounts.

Increase Revenue With Dispatch Software

Ride Hailing industry has seemed tremendous growth in the past few years. In 2018, ride-hailing segment revenue amounts to US$7,014 million. It is expected to grow at an annual rate of 10.7% by 2023.

Online Booking Engine

The feature of online booking offers riders to book a ride and process payments. It includes the functionality to build a company website with custom logos and themes. It also enables reservations from other website and social media platforms.

Fare Calculator

Calculates the approximate time and cost of a ride and displays to customers and drivers on their mobile apps.

Real-time Monitoring

Cabstartup ride-hailing app provides real-time monitoring by showing the shortest and suitable route, managing overall business performance, feedbacks, fare and much more

Billing and Invoicing:

It manages financial information regarding past due bills and invoices for riders. Riders can pay either by cash or by using the credit card.


It tracks the contact information, payment history, and other relevant details of every rider.

Improved Transparency and Customer Service

Customers who request for a taxi can view the location of their vehicle, estimated cost, trip duration, and contact information for the driver, providing them the more information about the service.

Taxi Dispatch Software Pricing

Many taxi dispatch software providers offer a cloud-based version of their product. Cloud-based software is generally affordable to any web browser. Also, cloud-based systems are associated with a monthly subscription. Beyond that, taxi dispatch software cost can vary.

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