Cost to Build A Taxi App Like Uber

How does Uber-like Model Work

Most of the potential clients want to get an app like Uber. Business owners having existing cab business also require to improve taxicab service using the latest technologies. In both cases, we help to study the competitors, define a business model, find a market niche, include essential features, and complete all stages of app development successfully from beginning to the end.


The customer requests a car instantly and details are sent to the nearest driver.


Passenger sends a booking request through the taxi app, which is sent to the nearest driver. It is the choice of driver to accept or deny the offer. In case he rejects the request, that will be automatically sent to another nearest driver available.


The customer tracks the taxi and knows the estimated time of arrival.


It is an important part of Uber’s business which is essential for service reliability.

Taxi Booking

Once you register it, it allows you to use it for making a trip to the desired destination. It includes location selection, booking request, and confirmation. The customer can hail a cab or book it later with the taxi booking option. Your taxi booking app can maintain both options or can have only one of them.


The cashless approach is becoming pretty popular nowadays, which is an easier and faster way to pay. It allows customers to pay via an auto payment option or customer can pay in cash after the completion of the ride. Taxi app contains the payment integration feature which functions on the backend part of the app.

Vehicle Selection

It gives an opportunity to pick up a vehicle of their choice for the trip.

Interactive map and taxi tracking

It shows all the available cabs and with the help of an interactive map and taxi tracking feature, it tracks the driver during the journey in real time.

Built-in Messenger

It allows communication between the customer and the driver.


It allows boosting the customer acquisition and retention with special offers, and badges.


It gives a discount on trips by adding a code or digital coupon that may be 50% or 20% depending on the company’s offer.

Voice Recognition

It enables the use of voice commands for taxi hailing.

Push Notifications

Notifications in the driver app notifies a driver regarding the available ride requests, the activity status, and visibility on the map.

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