CabStartup's Ride Sharing service redefines urban transportation, offering a blend of convenience, savings and environmental responsibility.


Acceptance Ride Requests

Drivers receive ride requests with details about the pickup location, destination, and estimated fare. They have the choice to accept or reject these requests based on their availability and preferences.

Real-Time Navigation

Integrated navigation tools provide turn-by-turn directions to the pickup and drop-off locations. Real-time traffic updates help drivers choose the fastest route.


In-App Messaging and Calling

Drivers can communicate with passengers through in-app messaging or calling. This ensures that drivers and passengers can coordinate without sharing personal contact information.

Earnings Tracking

Drivers can monitor their earnings in real time. The app shows how much they’ve earned on a per-ride basis and provides a breakdown of the fare components.


Ride Booking

Passengers can request rides by entering their pickup and drop-off locations. The app then matches them with available drivers and provides an estimated fare and time of arrival.

Real-Time Tracking

Passengers can track their assigned driver’s location and progress in real time on the map, ensuring they know when to expect their ride.


Ride Options

CabStartup app offers various ride options, such as standard, premium, shared rides, and larger vehicles to accommodate different passenger preferences and group sizes.

Driver Information

Passengers receive details about their assigned driver, including their name, photo, vehicle details, and license plate number for easy identification.



Dynamic Reassignment

If a driver cancels a ride or faces unexpected issues, the dispatcher quickly reassigns the ride to another available driver to minimize passenger wait times.

Support and Assistance

The dispatcher can provide real-time support to drivers and passengers by addressing issues, answering questions, and resolving conflicts.

Real-Time Demand Monitoring

The dispatcher continuously monitors the demand for rides in different areas to anticipate peak periods, high-demand zones, and potential ride shortages.

Driver Availability Management

The dispatcher keeps track of driver availability, taking into account drivers who are online and ready to accept rides. It prevents overloading drivers and ensures a fair distribution of ride requests.


Driver Management

The back office provides tools to manage driver registration, approval, and compliance. It allows administrators to review driver documents, conduct background checks, and ensure that drivers meet the platform’s requirements.

Trip and Ride Monitoring

The back office monitors ongoing trips, tracks ride status, and can intervene in case of issues or emergencies. It provides a real-time overview of the rides taking place on the platform.

Analytics and Reporting

The back office generates reports and analytics on various aspects of the platform, such as driver performance, trip trends, earnings, customer feedback, and more. These insights help the company make data-driven decisions.

Payment and Finance

This functionality manages the financial aspects of the platform. It calculates driver earnings, processes payments to drivers, handles refunds, and keeps track of the company’s revenue and expenses.
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