Road to Future of On Demand Services Industry

Ever since Uber took the market by storm, the on-demand services industry has experienced an incredible rise, becoming one of the most popular industries for most new entrepreneurs. However, just thinking up services and attaching an app to them isn’t enough to guarantee success; to achieve that, business owners need to understand the nuances of the industry they are operating within and how they can mold the business around the on-demand model in a way that works efficiently.

In our day and age, we are at a place where convenience is at the top of our priority list, and since we have experienced a steady stream of high-quality services lately, it has become tougher for new companies to meet our expectations, but if they do, then they will reap the rewards.

Success stories

Now, let’s talk about some of the biggest success stories in this industry:


It goes without saying that Uber is most likely the biggest success story in this industry seeing as how it was after Uber came into the limelight that people began paying more attention to the on-demand industry. Furthermore, another testament to Uber’s success is that it has surpassed the $51 billion line with over 40 million riders per month.


For those who don’t know, Postmates is an on-demand food delivery app. The startup provides its services in most parts of the US in over 200 cities. Its major target audience is millennials since they are far too busy to take time out to go to a restaurant for food. Postmates gives them the ability to save time and effort by delivering food to their doorsteps. Moreover, Postmates has already amassed over, $280 million in delivery sales and has partnered with over 7000 restaurants.

Uber Business Model


If your dream is to travel the world and you are wondering how to find rooms for rent, the Airbnb is the answer to your question. On the other hand, if you have a place you are looking to rent out, then Airbnb is your answer once more. So, basically, Airbnb is the travel app that solves the problems for hosts and guests offering high-quality services for both categories. As of 2017, the company’s annual revenue is $2.6 billion and it has over 5 million lodging listings in 81,000 cities over 191 countries and has facilitated over 300 million check-ins.

Target Industries:

Now that we have talked about who the current leaders in the on-demand economy are and how the on-demand model launched them to the epitome of success; let’s discuss why business owners should consider the on-demand model and which industries they can target.

Transportation Industry:

What has made the transportation industry so successful? Well, it was one of the first industries to be disrupted in the on-demand economy.; this comes as no surprise, but Uber is not the only option out there. There are other options too such as Rydr, Insta Drive, Lyft, etc. More and more cab and taxi business are now switching to the on-demand model, even the companies that existed way before smartphone apps were around have now built their own apps to compete in this highly profitable industry. Customers have become accustomed to the convenience and demand for such services is only increasing day by day.

The Rise of Self-Driving Cars:

What is a self driving car? As the name suggests it is a car that drives itself, and it offers its passengers a level of comfort and convenience like no other. The idea of comfort during transport and the increasing reliance on technology has become a cornerstone for the self-driving car movement. That’s why Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo has become one of the latest hot topics in the industry. Waymo is in a vast lead seeing as how in January they reached a deal to buy thousands of Chrysler Pacifica minivans which will be decked out with sensors that can see hundreds of yards in any direction. No other company is planning on offering rides-for-hire let alone preparing to carry passengers in more than one city this year; this can potentially revolutionize the transport industry and launch it into the new age of automation. It also opens up options for new businesses to invest in self-driving cars for taxi services.

Home Services Industry:

Introducing the on-demand concept into the Home services industry opens plenty of doors for those looking for an opportunity in this sector. Entrepreneurs can start an on-demand business for plumbers or electricians or carpenters or maybe make a more substantial handyman business and incorporate the previous three mentioned businesses into one. Turning such age-old and vital services into an on-demand model will not only prove to be beneficial for the business owners but also prove to be helpful for customers because the current smartphone-centric nature of the world will allow the business to reach a wider audience and customers will have easy access to these services.

Food Delivery Industry:

The food delivery service is one of the most dominant industries in the on-demand economy. According to Techcrunch, online food delivery still represents about $210 billion market opportunity. Furthermore, today’s modern lifestyle doesn’t leave enough time for people to make home cooked meals meaning they need an alternative; this is where the food delivery services come in, and most people are glad that they have.

How to Enter the On-demand Industry:

If business owners do not have the expertise required to build their own app or if they don’t have the resources to do so or if they don’t want to make it themselves, then a white label solution is the answer to their predicament. For every on-demand industry, there is a host of white label companies ready to provide their solutions to any business looking to enter the particular industry. Companies like CabStartup for the transport industry and Odtap for just about everything else are some of the high ranking names in the list of white label companies, and they sell their state-of-the-art solutions at affordable prices to companies of all levels.


The on demand economy is in high gear and on its way to becoming a role model for all future businesses to come. It is dominating most high profile industries such as transport, food, etc. and it has given rise to the advent of an entirely new sector, the white label industry; all this proves that the on-demand industry is the way to go for future (and current) business owners.

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