Roadside Assistance Service

Roadside assistance services offer a range of features to help drivers in distress

CabStartup Roadside Assistance Service features offered to streamline your roadside assistance services.


Emergency Support

Roadside assistance services offer immediate help to drivers in unexpected situations, such as flat tires, dead batteries and lockouts. Access to this service provides peace of mind and ensures you’re not stranded on the road.

Convenience and Time-Saving

Instead of trying to handle a car issue yourself or waiting for a friend or family member to assist, roadside assistance services provide a quick solution. This convenience can save you time and help you get back to your plans sooner.


Coverage Options

Roadside assistance plans often come with different types of coverage, so you to choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. Plans can cover everything from basic services like towing to more comprehensive options that include additional perks.

Travel Confidence

Road trips and long drives can be more enjoyable knowing you have backup support in emergencies. Whether you’re in your local area or exploring new places, roadside assistance gives you the confidence to venture out without worry.


Towing Service

If your vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, the service will arrange for a tow van to transport the vehicle to the location of your choice or the nearest repair facility.

Battery Jump Start

If your vehicle’s battery dies, the service will send a technician to jump-start your car and get it running again.


Fuel Delivery

If you run out of fuel while driving, the service will deliver a small amount of fuel to your location to get you to the nearest gas station.

Lockout Assistance

If you lock yourself out of your vehicle, the service will send a professional to help you unlock it.



Emergency Call Center

When a driver requests assistance through their roadside assistance plan, the process begins with a call to the service provider’s emergency call center. This call center operates 24/7 and serves as the central hub for coordinating assistance.

Real-Time Tracking

Dispatchers use GPS and mapping tools to track the service provider’s location and progress in real time. This helps in estimating arrival times accurately and making adjustments as needed.

Service Provider Notification

The selected service provider is notified of the assistance request, including the driver’s location and the type of service required. This information is often transmitted digitally to ensure quick communication.

Service Provider Dispatch

The service provider, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise, heads to the driver’s location. Many providers use GPS and navigation tools to find the quickest route.


Dispatch and Coordination

The backoffice coordinates assistance requests, matches them with nearby service providers and monitors their progress in real time.

Service Provider Management

It manages the network of service providers, including availability, skills, and certifications, ensuring qualified professionals are dispatched.


Real-Time Tracking

The backoffice utilizes GPS and mapping tools to track service providers and assistance requests in real time.

Customer Data Management

It stores and manages customer information, vehicle details, and service history for personalized assistance.

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