What a blessing it is to live in this era of artificial intelligence where everything is automated. There were times when people had to travel on foot for days to reach their destination. The traveling system is getting evolved ever since the invention of the wheel. Today, the time has come when a driver arrives at your door just after one click on the smartphones. This has been made possible with the introduction of minicab dispatch software. The taxi industry is using this changing trend to make their processes and earnings become more efficient.

Minicab Dispatch Software

Minicab is the best option among all other available transportation facilities available in the market because it occupies less space on a road and helps reduce the traveling time even more.

Minicab dispatch software is like the usual taxi dispatch software. The only thing that differs is the type of cars been assigned to the passengers.

It is also comprised of the driver app, passenger app, and an admin panel.

The driver app lets the drivers get logged in to get notified of the available jobs. A driver has given an open choice of accepting or rejecting a job as per his schedule. If he needs to take a break, he can assign a job to any nearby driver. The payments are recorded and a driver’s value is enhanced based on the reviews and ratings his passengers give.

A passenger can book a minicab just by clicking on his passenger app. As soon he clicks on ‘search for a nearby driver’, the app automatically searches for the nearest driver and displays all the relevant information of the driver and the cab to the passenger. The fare is also estimated in accordance with the arrival and destination location provided by the passenger. A passenger can also share the real-time tracker of his ride with any of his contacts. All these options make the traveling easier and a lot more secure for the passengers.

An owner can track the activities been made by the driver using his admin panel. Reviews and ratings given by the passengers and drivers are also visible to the admin. Based on these, an owner can make an important decision related to as who should stay part of his cab dispatch system and who should be dismissed. A vehicle loses its chances of getting lost or mislocated because of the real-time GPS tracking been provided to the owners.

All these elements work together in increasing the demand of the minicab dispatch software. Drivers get job opportunities, passengers get security and 24/7 availability of cabs without delays, admins stay updated about his business activities. That is the reason why the competition is growing in this industry.

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