Selecting the Taxi App Development Company and Pricing Structure

Taxi apps are making serious numbers all around the world. Ride-hailing businesses are conquering the global taxi industries. Entrepreneurs with no or little experience in this industry are often interested in knowing about the correct choice of taxi app development companies. This article shares the points one should keep in mind while making a selection. There is also a brief analysis of taxi app development cost. Later in the text, we share some essential features which ensure a useful app.

How to Select Taxi App Development Company?

To start with, make a query on any search engine of your choice to find the best app development company. There will be tons of results sharing companies claiming to be the best ones. Instead of finding the company, you will end up more confused than ever. What is the point of querying in the first place then? This practice will enable you to estimate the amount of “scams”. Last thing one would desire is to pay a company which lacks the expertise for taxi app development. In essence, a company with poor capability may win the entrepreneurs’ trust with intensive but misguiding marketing approach. Following are the ways one can identify such companies.

Working Case Studies

If a company claims to have years of experience and unparalleled expertise, it should have real case studies. Without working on real-world projects, any such claim would be an exaggeration. Some companies argue that they have no disclosure agreement (NDA) with their clients. Although it is highly unlikely that each of the clients signs NDA, yet there is a workaround in such cases too. You may take the example of CabStartup. We have enabled many aspirants to build their taxi business from scratch and attain a significant market share. Some of the success stories are on their way to lead the local taxi industry. Many taxi booking app development companies are putting fake case studies on sites to convince visitors. Rarely one finds a successful taxi company with no presence on the web. Thus, one can comfortably find out if the posted case study is real or fake.

Working prototype

Any company that has prior successful experience of working on on-demand taxi app development should have a working prototype. They can provide the demo of functions and features of their system. Beware! The companies can fool you with inefficient software concealed under fancy interface. Create at least ten instances of drivers and allocate distinct tasks to evaluate the performance. Although ten instances are still insufficient, yet they are enough to prove expertise. CabStartup also understands this fact that the fraudulent groups in the industry are misguiding inexperienced entrepreneurs. Thus, we enable our customers to use the software system for free before purchasing it. For this reason, entrepreneurs trust us.

Cloud-based solution

This is debatable because many companies are using web-based services. Again others are relying on local servers as well. Many taxi mobile app development companies offer “script” of Uber or Lyft. They claim that this script is as good as actual app. However, we already reasoned out how cloud-based systems are better than any other choice. If rest of the options were good enough, we would not have redefined our business plan to incorporate cloud infrastructure.

Evaluating App Pricing Structure

Companies have varying price structure depending on their architecture. The experience of CabStartup leadership enabled them to introduce a comprehensive pricing model. Some entrepreneurs are interested in bulk investment while others prefer deferred payment options. We offer one-time paid enterprise solution. The payments can also be made on deferred pricing. The features in both models are same. Customers get access to in-app wallet for drivers and passengers. Besides, they also get “access control hierarchy”. Regardless of your choice of developer, CabStartup strongly discourages to use developers who build the app from scratch.

Essential Components of Taxi Mobile App

The features vary for different taxi companies. New aspirants also tend to envisage distinct features from the existing ones. Irrespective of the distinguishing features, every taxi app must offer the following.

Passenger App Features

Many of the features of passenger app vary from those of drivers. Every passenger should be able to create a separate account. In essence, this account remains associated with a contact number of smartphone owner. The app should share the history of at least ten most recent trips. They can use this historical data for complaints or request the same drivers who served them earlier. Besides, the application should also share the vehicles in the vicinity of one’s predetermined pick-up location. Once they book a ride, the passengers should be able to view the arrival time of drivers. Moreover, efficient app also provides real-time location of drivers. In-app communication facility is essential to enable drivers to reach customers in time. There are multiple ride-hailing scenarios. A company may add as many details as they want as long as the performance remains intact.

Driver App Features

Drivers also need to have distinct accounts and can view the history of recent rides. Knowing about nearby drivers is vital to allow drivers cover all areas in the region. Apart from ride status and communication with passengers, drivers should also have the ability to rate passenger. Driver and rider wallet are also notable features.

Admin Panel

Administrators should not only be monitoring the drivers in the region. The panel should allow them to run effective data analytics and get some meaningful insights. Furthermore, an authorized admin can redefine geo-fencing – that is the radius of operations. An interactive dashboard should give statistics about the tasks assigned to every driver. Software of CabStartup allows admins to manage the accounts of drivers and passengers. Some admins have the privilege to block or reopen an account. They also have the history of payment and every ride to settle disputes. Start your free trial of CabStartup right now.

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