Selection between Cloud-based Taxi Dispatch and App Clone

It is very frequent for the readers to find companies advertising an Uber clone. Many of them are able to replicate the Uber application successfully to attract rideshare business aspirant. However, the factor which makes Uber and other top taxi apps successful is not the appearance and interfaces of app. Instead, the most notable link in the chain is cloud-based taxi dispatch software. Before diving into the details of cloud-based software, you need to know the shortcomings of taxi app software clone.
  1. It is highly probable for taxi company owners to increase the number of vehicles and corresponding drivers with time. However, app script does not provide the ability to scale up.
  2. Cloned system runs on a local server. The owner has to renew the hardware to accommodate increasing data. This hardware includes servers for storage and its associated devices. Moreover, they also require an administrator to ensure the smooth running of this system.
  3. Taxi company owner is responsible for data security. In case of breach, owner has to pay the penalty.
  4. Scripted app lacks the ability to enable the owner to deploy and configure the app and underlying software.
  5. Being a taxi business owner, you will have to pay for upgrading and maintenance of app. Consequently, you end up on the mercy of developers who charge your wallet until it dries up.
  6. The clone code is strictly scripted to address few needs of the business. If at some point you need to add more features, the script will disallow due to lack of reusability. Thus, the flexibility of code remains a problem with app clone.

Perks and Privileges of Cloud-based Taxi Dispatch System

Incorporating a taxi dispatch system hosted on cloud brings an incredible volume of advantages at your disposal. Cloud-based software also offers mobile app, but the back-end functionality remains entirely different. Following are some of the areas where SaaS solves the problems arising in cloned taxi apps.

Drawing Lines for Data Security Responsibility

Data security remains one of the chief issues for companies which host data on web. Every violation of data intends to compromise one or more of these three attributes of security:
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Availability
Breach of any of these attributes results in hefty penalties and lawsuits from regional administrations and app users respectively. The most significant challenge during penalizing the violators is to identifying the responsibility. Taxi owners might end up paying the price for the bugs in app which make the system vulnerable to breaches. The benefit of employing cloud taxi dispatch system is the fact that it provides excessive data security, thereby reducing the fear of violation significantly. In the event of violation, which is extremely rare with cloud platform, a comprehensive disaster recovery system prevents loss. Besides, the cloud system provider is accountable for data security. Thus, taxi business owner does not have to care for securing data.

Avoiding Overhead of Installation, configuration, and Maintenance

You may not have technical teams who can assist with installing and deploying the system. Even the presence of technical employees will not help because they will have to quit their assigned tasks to work on installation and configuration. The developer will not assist if the app gives the signs of a bug. Instead, you will have to hire another developer to fix bugs. Fixing code written by another team is always a hard nut to crack. Thus, the business will soak into delays and hiked costs instead of generating more profits. With cloud-based taxi dispatch system, the cloud service provider is responsible for installing, configuring and maintaining the system. The code remains with the provider who remotely fixes the problems. Therefore, businesses can minimize costs at many levels.

Seamless Scalability

Scalability is one of the core attributes of taxi business. The owners intend to expand the operational area and number of vehicles to increase revenues. To scale-up the business based on cloned apps, owners often have to redefine infrastructure with more storage space. Cloud-based taxi dispatch software prevents owners from changing infrastructure. Instead, they request vendor to update their package with as many vehicles as the owners wish.

How is Cloud-based Taxi Dispatch Software Overcoming Challenges?

Cloud computing and its associated systems are around for over a decade now. In the initial years, the businesses were reluctant to acquire cloud-based services for the following reasons. -> Lack of internet speed -> Excessive cloud spending -> Unavailability of a regulatory framework Here is how a decade of development addressed these problems.

Utilizing Remarkable Internet Speeds

Cloud is as good as internet speed because the system is located on remote servers accessible through internet. A decade back, internet speed lacked significantly. However, the arrival of 4G internet and corresponding mobile devices drastically improved the speed of cloud. Verizon is starting 5G internet services in two weeks. The services will expand to most parts of the world before the end of 2019. Thus, the internet speed is now a thing of the past.

Cutting Cloud Spending

Users were unaware of effective cloud utilization. Many businesses at the start of the current decade complained about increased costs after incorporating cloud. Cloud provides the ability to pay only as much as one consumes. There are multiple subscription packages which allow owners to acquire the one that best suits their business needs. However, cloud service providers exploited the fact that most customers were unfamiliar with this system. Therefore, they charged the customers big time. Now, a technical understanding of the subject is unnecessary. Anyone can compare and evaluate cloud services. Moreover, cloud is now powered with several automation tools. These tools enable the owners to reduce reliance on large workforce and perform tasks that would otherwise take many employees.

A comprehensive Framework in Place

Companies and governments barely had any legislation before 2012 for cloud-based services. Fortunately, administrations worked extensively in subsequent years to develop a robust and globally accepted framework. Now, companies can comfortably generate a governance hierarchy to look after cloud affairs.

CabStartup Leads Your Way to Success

A decade back, the taxi app clone might have worked better. However, it will be highly unwise to purchase clone instead of cloud-based taxi management software. For these reasons, CabStartup offers cloud-based dispatch system to taxi owners with separate apps for passengers and drivers. Grab your free trial right now.

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