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Stories of Our Clients Using Our White Label Taxi Solution

How their service improved causing the revenues to rise; benefiting their business.
Success Stories
Why Choose Cab Startup ?
Cab Startup is the easy to opt solution that can be purchased choosing from the variety of reasonable pricing plans. We take care of your business needs and business requirements. We provide you with the taxi dispatch system that is aimed at serving multiple industries.
What Cab Startup Offers ?
Cab Startup offers taxi dispatch platform in the form of Android and iOS applications. The system is quality tested; thereby, there remains no space to get worried prior to opting it as a solution.


Mobili360 beat all odds in a hostile environment of Guinea where an astonishing percentage of businesses fail to make the mark. Entrepreneurs continued to make attempts at introducing Uber of Western Africa but failed. CabStartup technology which powers Mobili360 enabled this startup to sustain and attain remarkable growth. CabStartup experts studied the demographics, socioeconomics, and public behavior toward the existing systems. The results allowed them to reassemble CabStartup software in a way that it resonated very well with consumer needs. Mobili360 managed to outperform all taxi startup initiatives and moved its way up to the top.
Success Stories
Success StoriesSuccess Stories


Although KinderCarGo appears to be an Uber clone, yet the exceptionality of business model makes it distinctive. The fact that this app is dedicated to toddlers, children, and adolescents makes it essential to have extensive security mechanism. Besides, KinderCarGo pioneers the on-demand service for kids in Calgary. Thus, the absence of existing local case study made the challenge even bigger. The app provides higher surveillance of drivers to ensure security. The communication schemes integrated into the apps empower parents to keep in touch with their kids throughout the journey. The software continues to provide monitoring as long as the kid reaches the destination and received by a guardian recognized by the system.


Roadrunner offers shuttle service as well as sedan, luxury cars, and minibuses to public areas. Besides, people can get dedicated drivers with a range of vehicles for corporate events and field trips. Thus, the challenge was to develop a wide range of features in a single app along with making it user-friendly for the end users. Roadrunner is serving the US for 28 years with its local offices located in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. The rise of smartphones and apps stores created the need for revamping the architecture with on-demand services. CabStartup became the technology partner for Roadrunner to lead the transformation from a traditional business into an on-demand shuttle service. Currently, Roadrunner is the most trusted shuttle service to move not only the residents of California but the entire United States.
Success Stories
Success StoriesSuccess Stories

Water Taxis Australia

Water Taxis Australia offers passengers a trouble free smartphone booking, making it easier to order a water taxi or water limousine vessel. It allows tracking and payment right from your phone. Passengers can easily book a water taxi or water limousine vessel starting on Sydney harbor. This service is available all across the Australia. Water Taxis Australia has a complete booking solution for your water taxi or water limousine business all over Australia. Our cloud based solution offers passengers a trouble free smartphone booking process. CabStartup has made it possible to offer them a hassle free cloud based booking system, which is efficient and enables smooth business operations.

Money Cabs

Money Cabs provide professional and affordable transportation services across the United States. It is a ride-share company like Uber and Lyft. Money Cabs serves the needs of residents all over the United States. Since 2018, they have been committed to being the best at providing their services using Cab Startup cloud based solution. Money Cab allows you to enter your desired location for pickup. It allows you to see your driver’s picture and vehicle details and track their arrival on the map. Payment can be made by credit card. The cash payment option is also available in selected cities only. After the ride, you can rate your driver and provide feedback that helps to improve your riding experience. Riders also get receipt via email.
Success Stories
Success Stories


Avantapp is a Mexican organization of quality private transportation whose mission is to connect passengers and drivers; making sure they have an easy, fast, and reliable travel experience. They comprise Mexican administrative and technological team that provides the highest quality services. Avantapp helps passengers who want to travel with efficiency and safety. They provide reliable drivers who offer good service and attention. They encourage investors to grow the Mexican economy strong.

Alianza Taxi

Alianza Taxi, LLC is a company that has many years of experience in the transportation industry. It helps people get a taxi service that is of good quality, high efficiency and operates at an affordable price. They offer their potential customers with security and comfort at low cost. Thereby, it has become one of the most requested taxi companies in the region. They offer:
  • Full taxi service 24/7 for your convenience.
  • No matter where you are, they'll pick you up.
  • They have a flexible schedule, punctuality, and commitment to their customers.
  • Travel easy, safe, and fast with Alliance Taxi, LLC.
Success StoriesSuccess Stories
Success Stories

Town Around

They are young people from WA with the vision to grow and improve their country towns. Everything becomes limited in the countryside; however, the platform of Town Around helps local mates, visitors, and businesses. At town around, they close the gaps of country towns, connect them to more ride services and give insights of town's hospitality and entertainment sector. They invite you to join them to update your business that would supplement your income.

Freddy Drive

  • Freddy Drive believes in reducing impaired driving.
  • It makes sure no woman has to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • It saves people from getting late for their meetings or interviews.
  • It values their cab drivers by giving a greater share of income to them.
  • It tries to leave a good impression of their city on the visitors.
Success StoriesSuccess Stories
Success Stories


RYDR gives you an opportunity to JOIN its Game-Changing Car Service App; by placing yourself at the inception of the next BIG opportunity. The RYDR app matches you with local drivers in seconds. Their drivers are experienced who carry Commercial Insurance. They believe in simple and clear prices. They Guarantee you will not be charged Surge Prices for your rides. Riders and drivers receive Referral Commissions from each REFERRAL they sponsored in their downlines.


Go Wey is on a mission to provide comfortable and quality ride services to the people living in different municipalities of Baja California SUR. Keeping the rates feasible for the customers and letting the drivers earn more by offering a higher earning percentage as compared to what they get from other giants of the ride-hailing industry.
  • Operates in Baja California, Mexico, known for its tourist attraction.
  • No phone calls required, as driver will pick you from your doorstep.
  • In app payment option, customers can add their debit/credit card and pay through the app.
  • Easy driver rating system. Customers can provide their valuable feedback with just few taps.
Success StoriesSuccess Stories
Success Stories

T Transit

T Transit, Inc offers the most affordable rates in Valdosta & Thomasville! They accommodate individual passengers and small groups. With their arsenal of cars and SUVs, they can safely transport you and your friends to your destination. Through their app, available for download for Apple or Android, you can request a driver, know the exact time of arrival, and what it's going to cost. All payments made through the app are protected by Braintree, a company owned by PayPal, so you know that your information is safe while using our services.

Insta Drive

Insta Drive is an amazing platform which is unique because:
  • It allows the passengers to book luxury cars for a certain period
  • It lets the passengers pay for rides right through the application
  • Customers in Prague have it as the best booking tool in their hands
  • It enables booking a luxury car at a very reasonable rate
  • It helped those clients who lacked sources for booking luxury rides
Success StoriesSuccess Stories

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