All You Need to Start Your On-Demand Water Taxi Business

In the past few years, the taxi industry has been completely revolutionized and has changed the market dynamics. After the introduction of the Uber model, on-demand technology has continuously improved and has reformed the ride-hailing services. These not only include the taxi services but also paratransit, airport shuttle, bike, chauffeur and water transport. CabStartup is a cloud-based software that provides ride-hailing solutions to taxi companies solving all their taxi service problems. Cabstartup helps automate the ride dispatching process and location tracking all the while giving the customers ease in ride booking with ingenious passenger mobile apps. Water Taxi is one of the many services provided by CabStartup and has been successful in sustaining water taxi entrepreneurs with advanced technology. It is a major boon in the coastal areas and people who have adopted the on-demand model have started earning more profits.

Why On-Demand Water Taxi App is a brilliant idea

Water taxis do not only provide a quick, cheap and unique experience to tourists for sightseeing but can also become a daily source of transportation for commuters to catch a ride to their workplaces. These people will more likely prefer a fast water taxi service instead of struggling to get on time through the heavy traffic at rush hour. Another reason why providing on-demand water taxi services is a good idea is that the target market is very broad. Tourists, commuters, leisure seekers; all use water taxis. Thus, a water taxi business provides such a service that is always in demand and is used every day resulting in daily revenue generation.

What does it take to start a water taxi business?

A successful business must have a sound business plan. Thus, it is crucial to consider the following points to devise a successful water taxi business plan.

What are the start-up costs?

You must have the budget and funding required to cover the initial costs. The primary components to start a water taxi business are:
  • Passenger boats/vessels to get you started.
  • Fuel; It is more profitable to invest in electric vessels powered through solar panels.
  • Signage of the vessel
  • Marketing and advertising cost of the water taxi business
  • Development of the water taxi app

The Target Market

Although a large portion of the water taxi demographic is comprised of tourists but water taxi service can be more than just for tourism. Incorporating water taxis into the public transportation system can garner skyrocketing profits and more riders. Consumers all around coastal areas have realized the benefits of utilizing the on-demand water taxi services and consider it an economical commuting option.

Revenue Generation and fares

The primary source of revenue regeneration is from the rides the water taxis transport. The fare calculation depends on the location and the specific service offered.

Market and Competition

Make sure to check out the competition in the coastal area and find out how strong it is. If the competition is too tough with already established loyal customers then it would be wise to start the water taxi service in another area or try to come up with a unique value proposition that makes you stand out.

Establishing a legal entity

For starting a water taxi business, it is very important to establish yourself as a legal business to prevent you from being personally liable in the situation if the service is sued. Moreover, it is also very crucial to obtain all the necessary permits and licenses. Getting Business insurance to protect the financial wellbeing of the water taxi service is also beneficial to recover if a loss occurs.

What is the growth potential and how to make more profits?

Fuel costs and vehicle maintenance costs are rising everyday due to which consumers are seeking out alternative transport sources. An on-demand water taxi app solves these problems and will only grow with the future as the customer needs increase. Once the business has started, you can make the water taxi service even more profitable:
  • Adopting hybrid-electric powered boats which can reduce expenses.
  • Hosting dinners or sunset cruises
  • Offering transportation services for materials when there is a lull in customer activity.

CabStartup ’s White Label Water Taxi Solution

Cab Startup offers a taxi dispatch platform in the form of iOS and Android applications affixed with various features so that the user gets the maximum benefits.

Driver App

The Driver app allows the driver to sign up, create an account and login. A driver can review information regarding the previous water taxi rides and determine safe routes.

Passenger App

Passengers can easily book the rides right at the harbor and the cloud-based solution offers passengers a trouble-free smartphone booking process. Passengers can select the drop off locations and send requests to a nearby water taxi. Promos and referral codes allow passengers to avail discounts and share their referral codes.

Admin App

Admin is provided with all the required information for monitoring the ongoing water taxi rides and the business activities. It includes driver tracking and filtering. Admin can manage the promo codes offered and also set up different fare rates for different coastal areas.

Dispatcher Panel

It is designed to keep the water taxi business owners informed about all the alerts and updates in real time. The option to regulate the water taxis, drivers and passengers at the same platform enhances the dispatch method. Moreover, there is a choice between auto dispatch framework and manual ride dispatch.

Water Taxis Australia – Our Water Taxi Success Story

Water Taxis Australia provides on demand water taxi service all across Australia and can process hundreds of requests per second using cloud hosting. Today it is trusted by more than 1,780 passengers and the numbers are still growing. The reason for this success is that Water Taxis Australia is not just a ride-sharing service rather it is simply a clever smartphone booking system. This seamless and trouble-free smartphone booking process is the reason that Water Taxis Australia is a success story. Now that you know what it takes to start a water taxi business, you can launch your own on-demand water taxi app using the tried and tested CabStartup platform. Start your two weeks trial today and stand out from the crowd with the best on demand cloud dispatch system in the Taxi industry.

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