Strategies to Market Taxi Business Offline

It is hard to find a field where technology is yet to make its mark. A decade back, online publicity practices entirely transformed marketing. The digital marketing is evolving to integrate more advancement. The experienced marketers know the fact that the most effective approach is to use a combination of online and offline marketing. Especially, the transport enterprises generate quicker return by devising effective strategies to market taxi business offline. Contrarily, the rivals suffer when they entirely rely on digital apparatus.

A review of few taxi startups operating around the globe reveals that, similar to online marketing, some of the offline strategies work better than others.

Following text shares the 7 most effective offline strategies for taxi businesses.

1. Developing Curiosity through Billboards

Billboards continue to top the table because it is still the best way to advertise a product or service. An attractive design and convincing content push the consumers to acquire taxi service. However, marketers should not advertise the service right away. Instead, the initial content should intend to develop curiosity among the consumers.

The content should highlight the shortcomings of the existing services without naming one so that people may learn that the service advertised would offer solution.

Many rudimentary businesses suffer from financial constraints which prevent them from making expensive billboard advertising. They should consider a balanced trade-off between money and billboard marketing if they are unable to acquire a funding source.

2. Brochures and Newspapers

The utility of newspaper is declining since the introduction of smartphones. Nevertheless, a significant number of people still read newspapers and magazines. Research indicates that people overlook the ads of established companies if the ad design is repeated. New design immediately catches the reader’s attention and they tend to read the entire ad.

Brochures, one of the oldest market strategies, are still in practice and performing very well. There are various ways to distribute brochures. One of them is to acquire services of local newspaper distributor while another is to drop the brochures at random public places like benches in parks.

The element of curiosity should also be carried in this taxi marketing plan. The company should reveal its name after a month of highlighting the problems in established competitors.

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3. Grand Inauguration

A splendid show of inauguration attracts the viewers. Since the interest of public is the primary objective, a grand launch celebration would enable them to explore details. If the financial budget allows, the company should consider distributing inexpensive gifts or confectioneries among the participants. The inauguration event may include the presentations and speeches of executives who uncover the mission of business.

Launching should not only be an event of showing affluence because, in most cases, the consumers will lament such practice. The event must highlight the matters of public interest including their chief commuting problems.

4. Public Broadcast

Broadcasting the offers through radio and television is a fine way to share the message. The company should make sure to seek services of professional actors if it intends to use television. The advertisement should be an aesthetic one and makes sense. Many television ads exacerbated the reputation of companies instead of the otherwise.

For instance, Dove was charged for broadcasting a racist ad in 2017. The personal care brand had to apologize to consumers to revamp its reputation instead of reaping the benefits of offline market taxi business offline.

Playing a popular song in the background is a tremendous strategy because it sticks the public to watch or listen the entire ad.

5. Sponsoring Noble Causes

There is at least one phenomenon in every region of the world which stirs up the public sentiments. May it be the devastation of natural disaster, a group of people suffering from poverty for a range of reasons or an effort to reduce global warming, sponsoring a noble cause builds the reputation.

The surveys performed to determine the causes which push the consumers to select a company demonstrate that a substantial number of people use the services only to assist them in achieving the objectives of public interest.

In most cases, it is tough for the companies to sponsor a cause with money. Running promotion to attract people to perform their duties also works well. These practices assist in business publicity. They also ensure the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility too.

6. Seeking Attention through Graffiti

Humans are using this strategy since ancient times. The place of graffiti holds the key because it is unwise and unlawful to use this strategy in living areas. The local city administration allows graffiti in fixed places only and the marketers should choose the most appropriate place. The sketch should share a comprehensive message in a highly aesthetic way. Graffiti is one of the cheap but effective sources to taxi service advertisement.

7. Business Collaboration

Finally, the adoption of enterprise collaboration strategy increases the awareness about each of the collaborating partners. The companies should offer promotions which enable the consumers to acquire discounts or other elements of their interest. For instance, many taxi businesses partner with soft drink brands and the commuters are able to get free bottles upon travel more than a defined number of miles.

Business collaboration enables each of the stakeholders to attain significant advantages. The collaborating parties increase their outreach and their number of customers. Besides, the consumers may attain a discount on each of their rides. The potential partner should have decent reputation to avoid public outcry.

Take Away

To market the taxi business offline is as essential as utilizing the online sources. Many commuters either have little online presence or avoid noticing advertisements. The business owners need to ensure that the services are up to the mark which is promised in marketing campaigns. Each of the marketing strategies should be well thought out to avoid exacerbating the reputation instead of improving it.

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