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Brief Introduction of Dispatch Panel

● Welcome to the Dispatch Panel of Cab Startup. This document is intended to provide all the information you need to get started with and use the Dispatch Panel effectively.
● Cab Startup Dispatch Panel has been made in a way to efficiently match available drivers with passengers requesting rides and facilitate the smooth operation of the platform.

1. Login Screen

● Upon launching, Corporate Panel Login screen prominently displays the interface to enter your credentials for login.
● Text fields of Email and Password are provided for credential details and in case the user forgets his password, he can reset his password and log in to the Corporate Panel.
● The login screen interface has been made user-friendly so the Dispatch Admin can easily log in.

2. Dashboard – Dispatch Panel

● After Login, a user is redirected to the Dashboard on the Home Screen where a user can view the location of drivers, and drivers are labeled by numbers so it would be convenient to track the drivers by the numbers assigned to them.
● Filters made the process more convenient to search for a specific city, active drivers, and their active location within a specific region.
● The user can book a ride and can view the details of the trip. The User can view the complete details of the drivers including those who are available, offline, on break, or en route, and the P.O.B. Chat box allows a user to contact the driver via call or sms.
● A Dispatch Panel Admin can accept, decline and put a hold on a call of drivers and can also make a call to a specific driver.

2.1 Add Ride

● Corporate Admin can add a ride for a passenger. This screen provides a complete interface for the Corporate Admin to add a ride including a map where a Corporate Admin can select the pickup and drop off location.
● To make the process more convenient, a Corporate Admin can add passenger and booking info and leave a note for the driver if he wants to drop a message.
● Dispatch option is enhancing the features of the panel where a Corporate Admin can add a driver or can choose auto dispatch and can view the trip estimate.

2.2 Dispatch option

● The Corporate Admin Panel is able to assign a driver manually and can auto-dispatch the driver as well.
● The text field of search driver would appear in case of assigning a driver manually and in auto dispatch, a driver would automatically be assigned.

3. Trip History

● Corporate Admin can select the Trip History option from the home screen which will redirect him to a separate screen. Corporate Admin can view the details of trips along with Driver ID, Name, Phone number, Pickup and Drop off location, and shift name.
● The corporate Admin can also edit these details if he wants to change or delete a specific trip. A corporate Admin would have the complete record of the trip and he can also search the specific trip.

4. Booking History

● A Dispatch panel Admin can view the booking details where he can use filters and can find the bookings by a specific period and by status and type. This helps the Admin to find the specific booking.
● The list of details contains the Trip number, Service type, Created date, Driver name, Passenger name, Pick up location, Drop off location, and status.
● An Admin can also delete and edit the record which provides more feasibility for an Admin to easily find a specific booking and can edit according to his needs.

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