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Introduction to Web Online Booking

● This document is intended to provide all the information you need to get started with Online Web Booking effectively.
● Web Online Booking aims to provide ease to customers who don’t want to book a ride by app. This idea aims to provide an interface of a web widget by which a user can book a ride without an application.

1. Landing Page

● The landing page is aimed to provide a complete interface to customers for booking a ride. It contains several features. A user can sign in and signup by visiting the landing page. A user can become a driver and a logged-in user can book a ride.
● Users can use the option to text me the app and can receive the link to the Application.

1.1 Book a Ride

● Users can add Pick up and Drop off locations, dates, times, payment methods, facilities, number of passengers, vehicle type, and driver notes.
● A user can select the desired service type according to his need and can book a ride.

1.2 Become a Driver

● If a user wants to become a driver, he can select the “Become a Driver” option and it will lead him to the signup page where he can register himself for becoming a driver.

1.3 Your Personal Chaffeur

● In order to get the application, the user can send his number and can get the link to the application.

1.4 Sign in

● The user will enter his phone number to get the OTP.
● For confirmation of the Phone Number and to have a secure process user will get an OTP.

1.5 Enter OTP

● After entering the phone number, the user would be able to get an OTP to proceed to sign in.

1.6 Confirmation for Sign in

● Enter entering the correct OTP, the user will receive a confirmation pop-up message for sign-in.

1.7 Add Personal Details for Sign up

● In case of sign-up, the user would be able to add his personal details including his first name, last name, email, and phone number and he would be able to agree to privacy policy.
● After entering the correct details, the user would be able to sign up.
● After receiving the OTP, the user would be able to sign in.

1.8 Book a Ride

● After clicking on the history button user would be able to view the trip’s history. It would include the trips a user has completed, canceled, and pending trips.
● Users would be able to view the maps of the trips booked.

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