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Sustainable Marketing Strategy for Taxi Services

marketing strategy for taxi services

Incorporating an unparalleled software infrastructure is essential for taxi business. However, it is not all that is required. The business, regardless of its scale, requires an extensive marketing strategy as well. This article explaining marketing strategy for taxi services is a continuation of one of the previous articles which shares market research, top ideas, and requirements of an on-demand taxi services platform.

    1. Business Branding

    It is unwise to even think of a taxi marketing strategy that does not involve branding. The design of brand logo and coloring scheme for mobile app should be unique and attractive. People tend to learn quickly with visual art. Thus, graphic designing should be immaculate.

    The branding campaign should also ensure cultural integration. Consumers should perceive the business as a local one. Using the native language and celebrating the native festivals are two of the most effective ways to integrate local cultures. Consumers tend to acquire services more frequently from businesses which respect and fete local cultural diversity.

    2. Business Reputation

    Consumers evaluate reputation of a taxi company by reviews and past events before seeking the service. Besides, the reputation in view of regulators is also crucial. Any taxi startup or established company needs to ensure that they comply with licensing requirements. A startup may manage to attain profits for a brief time despite evading taxes and avoiding licensing. However, it will incur more losses in the long run.

    Consumer inclusivity is another area which enhances reputation. You need to incorporate services for disabled and special people too. Besides, be sure to treat each customer equally regardless of ethnic, religious, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Fulfilling these social responsibilities will lift the value of company.

    3. Building Public Relations

    The disputes between passengers and ride-hailing companies are occurring frequently. You must develop a comprehensive public relations strategy which addresses complaints, queries, and suggestions from customers in considerably small time. Besides email and call, real-time messaging facility is also vital.

    Promotional discounts and referral codes are also among the top taxi marketing ideas to build public relations. These discounts do not affect the profit margin significantly because the volume of ride requests rises during the promotion period.

    Referral codes increases the consumer-base as a business is able to reach more customers with it. Thus, promos and referral codes work for passengers as well as service providers.

    4. Visibility over the Web

    Over 2.5 billion smartphone users apart from billions of other web users provide a huge stage for marketing. Thus, you need to ensure that the company makes frequent appearances in search engines. While paid advertisement is an option for successful taxi business model, it is not essential. A robust inbound and outbound marketing campaign can prevent paid advertisement.

The mobile-first approach in digital marketing is gaining momentum since most of the users are likely to come across your business through surfing on smartphone. Mobile marketing is significantly different from desktop based computers or laptops. The difference of screen resolution and sizes affect the ranking on search engines.

CabStartup provides you a comprehensive and customizable taxi software platform. We can rebrand it as per your needs and take care of its marketing as well. Get hands on the system for free to test it.

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