The Advent of Mobility as a Service and Transportation Conquest

The constant increase in the number of vehicles will saturate the cities. Many governments seeking sustainable economic and environmental solutions are searching for alternate ways to replace private ownership. The advent of on-demand taxi solutions was a giant leap in this direction. Now, the urban administrations expect shared mobility as a service as a complete […]

Future Transportation Trends Depict Dominance of Smart Vehicle

The current wave of industrial revolution redefines multiple industries. Many developed countries are working on raising smart cities with intelligent robots working in place of humans. The most notable factor of a smart city is the means of transportation and commuting. By assessing the research and development of recent times, one can forecast the future […]

Age of Transition to Smartphones from In-Car-System

Science-fiction novels and movies from half a century back depicted intelligent vehicles. The characters were able to operate such vehicles with compact devices. Although some tech-savvy reviewers welcomed these ideas as a correct prediction of future in-car-system, yet many debunked them while labeling them as fictitious concepts. Astonishingly, the contemporary technology is ahead of what […]

Rise of Autonomous Cars and Ride Hailing Industry

The contemporary inhabitants of earth are extremely fortunate to be alive in the current age. They are able to see vehicles running on steam, petrol, gasoline and electric charge. Currently, the technology is enabling them to see the autonomous or self-driving vehicles too. The taxi dispatch solutions are successfully making rounds for over a decade […]

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