Strategies to Market Taxi Business Offline

It is hard to find a field where technology is yet to make its mark. A decade back, online publicity practices entirely transformed marketing. The digital marketing is evolving to integrate more advancement. The experienced marketers know the fact that the most effective approach is to use a combination of online and offline marketing. Especially, […]

How to Manage Holiday Season Campaigns for Your Taxi Company?

Holidays being the busiest period of the year, where there is a high demand for taxi apps. People are utilizing lots of time on mobile browsing for gifts, researching products or buying last minute deals. It is the best time to manage your seasonal activities and to manage users with your brand. Holidays are the […]

Guide To Advertise On Facebook And Get More Users For Your Taxi App

2 billion people use Facebook per month. It contains a lot of information, which its users share with others. Facebook is a unique advertising tool for businesses that are extremely cost-effective. Many entrepreneurs know about it and are willing to invest as Facebook ads are associated with high ROI. However, a lot of Facebook ads […]

Top 9 Ways to Attract More Customers for Your Taxi Company

If you are running your taxi business in a traditional way, you can lose a lot of profits. The advanced form of doing business lies in the on-demand solution. If you want to compete with others, then you should use the on-demand business model to ensure success. If you are running a taxi company, use […]

Overcome Tough Regulatory Hurdles For Your On-Demand Taxi Business Just Like GRAB!

On-demand taxi service is all about providing quality ride experience and meet the needs of local customers. If startups fulfill the requirements of local customers and ensure security, they can become a successful taxi business owner and can capture a significant share of the market. When you are running a taxi company you need to […]

Apps for the Taxi Services: Must for The Survival of a Taxi Company

In the last five years, earning a profit from traditional taxi services has declined considerably. Competition is fierce, that is why cheaper transport providers are stepping in. Uber-like booking apps for the taxi services are taking the market away from the companies providing taxi services in a traditional way. The reality is that Uber-like Apps […]

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