Enabling Taxi Drivers to Attract Customers in Uber Era

The advent of Uber and similar services has apparently left intensely bad impact on taxi industry. The market share of Uber and Lyft in ground transportation is over 72%, as reported by Certify. Rest of the share does not only include taxi services but car rental and other rideshare services too. In the market currently […]

How to Start a Taxi Business from Scratch to Summit

Most of the businesses from a century back no longer exist. Taxi industry is one of the businesses which did not only survive but continues to prosper. It is undeniable that technologies over the time have made a number of updates to taxi industry, but the foundation of such businesses remained same. As taxi companies […]

The Blueprint for Starting a Taxi Business

Initiating any business is as painful as trying to get over a failure. For this reason, many skillful people refrain from jumping into entrepreneurship. Some of those who have the heart to push themselves go through back-to-back pains of starting and failing in business. Starting a taxi business is no less challenging. Nevertheless, there are […]

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