Unsustainable Taxi Startups in a Prosperous Industry

Since the inception of smartphone revolution, an impressive number of startups made their mark on various industries. There is a significant increase in the rate of emerging businesses owing to the remarkable developments in technology. Taxi app companies alone are the reason behind an industry worth $40 billion. However, many taxi startups fail to sustain […]

Overcome Tough Regulatory Hurdles For Your On-Demand Taxi Business Just Like GRAB!

On-demand taxi service is all about providing quality ride experience and meet the needs of local customers. If startups fulfill the requirements of local customers and ensure security, they can become a successful taxi business owner and can capture a significant share of the market. When you are running a taxi company you need to […]

Why startups fail and how to run a successful business

How to Run a Successful Business Generally speaking, more startups eventually fail than succeed, and while it is sad to see an idea fail it is also crucial to learn from the failure. Usually, the question becomes ‘what factors contribute to why startups fail?’ But the more appropriate question should be ‘what we can learn […]


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