Types and Components of Taxi Management Software

Most taxi business owners are convinced about the effectiveness of taxi management software like Uber app. They understand the fact that passengers are far more likely to acquire one of the ride-hailing services than traditional taxi. However, they are unsure about the scope of software which will be sufficient to run the business efficiently. Such […]

Selection between Cloud-based Taxi Dispatch and App Clone

It is very frequent for the readers to find companies advertising an Uber clone. Many of them are able to replicate the Uber application successfully to attract rideshare business aspirant. However, the factor which makes Uber and other top taxi apps successful is not the appearance and interfaces of app. Instead, the most notable link […]

How Technology Can Help the Taxi Industry?

The technology and taxi industry are complementing each other which is gaining momentum day by day. The taxi industry caters for about 15 million commuters a day, that include workers, school goers, and women. It is the most used mode of public transport, which is making an estimated R90 billion annually. Technology has adopted by […]

How Private Hire and Taxi Industry Has Evolved?

The taxi and private hire industry have come a long way since the horse and carts of the 1600s, but, in the last 25 years, the industry has seen exponential growth with the emergence and continued development of a variety of technology solutions. In this article, you will get the knowledge regarding how technology has […]

Make Your Business Productive with The Best Private Driver Dispatch Solution

Before the time of app-based taxi booking apps development came in, people had only three choices: hire a taxi, call a friendly driver to pick you up or call a taxi booking company. Taxi booking agencies were famous in the pre-Uber era. A taxi agency with various telecom operators who will maintain an endless stream […]

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