Rise of Electric Car Taxi and Corresponding Dispatch System

In the contemporary age of short innovation cycle, ride-hailing businesses need to adopt modern technologies to outperform their rivals. The adoption of dispatch software and apps enabled services like Uber and Lyft to disrupt traditional taxi businesses in the US and beyond. One notable business innovation aiming to shape ride-hailing industry is the integration of […]

Make Your Business Productive with The Best Private Driver Dispatch Solution

Before the time of app-based taxi booking apps development came in, people had only three choices: hire a taxi, call a friendly driver to pick you up or call a taxi booking company. Taxi booking agencies were famous in the pre-Uber era. A taxi agency with various telecom operators who will maintain an endless stream […]

How an AI Powered Cab Dispatch System Brings Efficiency To Your Business?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the most frequently used terms in every industry today. They have enormous advantages as tools simplifying complex and time-consuming processes. They also improve the efficiency of central business functions at both basic and advanced level. For example, AI is used to increase the time and cost efficiency […]

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