Realizing the Future of mobility: Electric, Autonomous, and Shared Vehicle

A couple of months ago, we envisaged the future of mobility in one of our articles. A world of autonomous and electric vehicles, where private ownership is being replaced by mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), is gaining momentum. From faster, more affordable electric vehicles to an autonomous shopping cart-mobility was on everyone’s mind at CES 2020. It was […]

Key Transport Trends for 2019 and their Impacts on the Taxi Industry

Uber, lyft, and DiDi are the popular platforms that has been disrupted the taxi industry. Stats show a 50 percent increase in the number of self-employed drivers in the Uber dominated areas. An income fall of around 10 percent has been seeing in the salaried drivers. Taxi fleets are in a position to move with […]

Top On-Demand Transportation Tech Companies Other Than Uber And Lyft

Uber, Lyft, Waze, and DiDi are only a few names among the top on demand Transport Technology Companies globally. From London, Paris, New York, China, Israel, and Estonia, these companies are transforming the way we commute around. To commute for work, traveling across countries and long distances, driving around, or just going from a point […]


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