Taxi booking app provides an easy way of booking a taxi; in contrast to the conventional manual methodology of managing a taxi business.

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Let’s begin with a brief introduction to the question of what is a taxi app software? It is an automated form of the manual processes that take place in a taxi business. Ranging from hiring a driver, registering him with the company, enabling him to get notifications of the passengers in need of a taxi for traveling, tracking the location of pick up and drop off. The list is long which will be explained in detail later in the post, keep on reading!

How does Cab Dispatch App Work?

Taxi booking app is not a complicated thing; instead, it has made the complex system of taxi booking by introducing taxi app solution. It comprises of three modules designed separately for the driver, passenger, and admin.

Driver App:

A driver has to register first with the company so that he can log in to the driver app. Once logged in, a driver gets notified of new jobs along with the exact location of pick-up. A driver’s profile is shared with the passenger that includes his contact details, ratings, and reviews.

Passenger App

A passenger app gives access to the passengers who need to book a ride for traveling to their desired location. A passenger can share the tracker of the trip with his contact; he can rate the journey and the driver; he can track the driver on the map in real-time.

Admin Panel:

An admin panel is designed for the owners, where they can keep track of the progress regarding earnings and vehicle location.

Check out Cab Startup’s Admin Panel for more information.

Why Choose Cab Dispatch App?

A taxi company can keep track of all the rides in real-time without the fear of losing the vehicles and money at the hands of the drivers. It is the best way to manage the taxi business as it eases the pain of manually tracking, handling and operating every task. Drivers and passengers can provide feedback which helps in identifying the amendments required.

What is Pricing Criteria for Cab Dispatch App?

The number of options a Cab dispatch app provides, cause one to think that it must be an expensive choice. However, Cab Startup offers taxi dispatch system at reasonable prices in the form of different pricing plans which you can check in Now Avail the Plan of your Own Choice for Payments.

Cost to build Taxi App Like Uber

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