Taxi Dispatch Software with IoT Devices Integration

Ridesharing industry is disrupting traditional taxi industry for over a decade. Numerous rideshare model have played part in replacing conventional modes of transport with more cost-effective ones. Nevertheless, the incorporation of taxi dispatch software in taxi businesses is enabling service providers to reoccupy the lost share.

CabStartup provides ride-hailing solutions to taxi companies that are struggling to counter rising rideshare industry. We review the solutions at every quarter of the year and decide upon adding additional features and modules as required.

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We have emphasized more on IoT integration in the past few months. This follows from the fact that urban mobility is rapidly adopting Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE) vehicles. The integration of these devices would facilitate the “Connected” component of these vehicles.

Instant Taxi Device Integration

Instant Taxi is one of the devices integrated with CabStartup. The device enables passengers to acquire taxi services at hotels by tapping a finger on scanner embedded on the device. This action triggers a request to taxi companies using CabStartup cloud-based taxi dispatch software and one of the nearest drivers can accept the ride.

The device facilitates passengers who do not often use ridesharing services. It entirely eliminates the need to book a vehicle with smartphone. Although Instant Taxi is initially installed at some of the partner hotels of CabStartup, yet we are all set to ensure that the device is available at restaurants, libraries, arrival lounges at airports and subway stations, corporate workplaces, and shopping malls.

The taxi companies in CabStartup Client Network have more opportunities than ever to get rides because Instant Taxi device makes ride requests to only those service providers that use CabStartup ride-hailing solution.

If you own a taxi company or a ride-hailing startup, get CabStartup automated taxi dispatch software today to attain an amazing rise in the number of rides. Scroll down for pricing structure of one-time paid enterprise solution.

Bluetooth Invoice Printer Integration

Taxi industry is using paper-based invoice for decades. The invoice generating device was usually embedded inside the taxi fare meter. However, the ride-hailing companies using on-demand economy model replaced taxi fare meter with smartphone based apps. Instead of paper-based invoice, these companies share digital invoice through text message and email.

Digital invoice feature is also integrated with CabStartup taxi booking and dispatch software. Considering the diversity in our clientele, we have introduced Bluetooth Invoice Printer as well which instantly generates a fare receipt once the ride ends.

As soon as the driver ends ride using driver app, the app sends information regarding fare to Bluetooth Printer. In response, the printer generates fare receipt. This printer comes in handy in the regions where internet access is not sufficiently good. Nevertheless, passengers can choose not to get the paper-based invoice in the countries where internet speeds and availability is not a problem.

Bluetooth Invoice Printer is not only used by taxi and on-demand car service providers but hyperlocal transport companies as well. Although you can get an amazing range of benefits by joining CabStartup mobility network, yet you may also acquire the device independently for your existing taxi company.

Transition toward Shared Mobility Ecosystem

CabStartup mobility network is spread across all inhabited continents. Ridesharing companies, taxi companies, hyperlocal startups, car rental providers, water taxi, delivery and logistics services providers and a range of businesses in 32 countries until now are using CabStartup taxi dispatch software.

We envisage a future where all modes of transport are combined to form a shared mobility ecosystem. Under this model, the passengers would be able to access the most optimized mobility solution. They would book once to travel by car, bike, and shared rides where needed. Similarly, they would no longer need to pay separately for each of these rides when the destination is same.

Moreover, this mobility network would work in every country where CabStartup solution is being used. Thus, the passengers would not need to look for apps of local ride-hailing startups.

Shared mobility is not merely a concept anymore. CabStartup has already developed the necessary infrastructure. Now, we are in the process of developing ecosystem by integrating companies providing various modes of transport under single platform.

The development and integration of Instant Taxi and Bluetooth Invoice Printer devices is also a part of transition towards shared mobility ecosystem. These devices are penetrating deeper in the ride-hailing industry while shared mobility is resonating very well with service providers. A widespread adoption of shared mobility would enable taxi owners and ride-hailing startups to attain sustainable profit-making.

Taxi Dispatch Software Cost

CabStartup an enterprise solution for both small and large fleet. The price varies depending on the size of fleet and customization in the base features.

The cloud-based taxi dispatch solution includes standalone apps for passengers and drivers apart from admin and dispatcher panels. Each component offers a range of features. The acquisition of this solution also enables you to get free maintenance and updates.

The cost of one-time paid enterprise solution widely varies because the customers want a number of additional features to fulfill their business needs.

For each of these payment plans, you can also get a custom payment gateway for $3000. Moreover, our world-class designers can render a unique brand identity by rebranding the apps with attractive logos, icons, and snippets.

Do you want to get cloud-based taxi dispatch software for your taxi business or intend to launch a ride-hailing startup? CabStartup can assist you from nurturing of ideas to deployment and integration of system. Start using a two week-long free trial of CabStartup today to evaluate its effectiveness.

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