Taxi dispatch system

Note: This article was updated on December 30, 2020

Many companies have started opting for a taxi dispatch system to run their daily businesses effectively. It is therefore critical, now more than ever, to provide a diverse set of services at a reasonable price point.

Cab Startup gives a one-time payment option to purchase the product. We call it the Enterprise Solution. In this plan, you pay to avail the basic features of the selected CabStartup solution.

Payments are divided into ‘milestones’. You are required to pay a fixed amount with every goal/milestone achieved. Once the payment has been made in full, the solution is handed over to the client.

    1. Deferred Payments
    We consider client comfort to be our top priority. Therefore, CabStartup has an option to defer payments if it deems it necessary.

    If you have a legitimate reason like financial constraints, we can divide our milestones further into ‘mini-milestones’. Once these mini-milestones are accomplished, we expect payments to be made, respectively.

    A diverse set of Taxi Dispatch Systems are available at Cab Startup for you to choose from. You may opt for features and services that best suit your company’s requirements.

    2. Add-ons and Brand Identity
    Apart from the base features that include all the necessary functioning to operate an on-demand taxi service, you can also choose to have additional features as per your business needs. For instance, you may choose integration of a custom payment gateway that would cost $3,000 and unique brand identity including app logo, color scheme, icons, snippets, and others for $50 only.

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