Now Avail the Plan of your Own Choice for Payments

Many companies have started to opt a taxi dispatch system for running their day to day business.

Thereby, it has become vital to provide reasonable prices to the companies so they can easily enjoy the services of an ODS.

Cab Startup gives multiple options for pricing keeping in mind that every client has different financial conditions. So, the pricing packages are provided to cater the financial limitations of the clients. Making sure that the companies taking services from Cab Startup can focus more on earning profits than on worrying about the expenses.

There are mainly four types of packages being offered at Cab Startup for providing the taxi dispatch solutions.

1. Pay Per Trip

This pricing plan offers an inexpensive deal in the form of commission per trip starting from as low as 2% of the total earnings of a ride (plus 12 cents). It is applicable in that case where 600 rides (or more) are completed in a month. In example 240 or less than 600 trips are taken in a month, then a company has to pay 3% of the total earnings (plus 15 cents). If less than 240 rides are taken in a month, then charges will be 4% of total revenues (plus 18 cents).

2.Pay Per Driver

This pricing plan offers a ‘Price Per Driver Per Month’ deal. It requires a payment of $8 against the number of drivers being 100 or more. For the number of drivers ranging between 50 and 100 has to pay $10 per month. For the drivers’ quantity ranging between 10 and 50 an amount of $12 is charged per month. And for the number of drivers being less than 10 has to pay an amount of $14 per month.

3.Fix Cost Per Month

This pricing plan offers another possible deal. Summarized as follow:

  • 1-5 drivers have to pay $49 monthly.
  • 6-12 drivers have to pay $99 monthly.
  • 13-25 drivers have to pay $199 monthly.
  • 26-50 drivers have to pay $375 monthly.
  • 51-100 drivers have to pay $499 monthly.

It is the most feasible option available. In this plan of payment, you have to pay once to avail all the possible solutions of the Cab Startup with your ownership over the service.

Taxi dispatch systems are made available for sale by providing these many options to make the choice of opting the services more comfortable for you as per the company requirements. You can anytime contact us for changing the plan. We are 24/7 available at your provision.

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