Taxi Operator Software Enabling Owners to Compete Uber

The life of taxi business owners was relatively free of worries until there was no app for ride-hailing. But then Uber hit the market with taxi operator software followed by Lyft at the close of the previous decade. Consequently, these apps started to divide the share of taxi industry and soon managed to grab the larger proportion. Yes, the above paragraph only states the obvious. However, whether you are a taxi business owner or a ride-hailing startup aspirant, you need to remind yourself some facts over and over again. Do you have trouble remembering facts? Say no more – CabStartup documents them for you.

Why taxi management software is inevitable for taxi companies?

You must have heard enough about the significance of mobile apps for taxi business. In case you missed it by any chance, here is a brief recapitulation on how apps can transform your business.

Consumers’ Choice

Let us keep things straight. Passengers do not care if the taxi company they choose has a license or not. For them, that is a matter of concern for owners and regulators. What they need is a service which picks them at their doorstep and charges them less. Until now – and till an indefinite time in future, ride-hailing apps will continue to rule the transportation industry. The primary reason is the fact that the apps enable riders to pay relatively lesser for a similar journey. Besides, they facilitate the passengers by picking them from the point of their choice. Taxi apps also ensure to reach the passenger in mostly less than five minutes. Customers can pay effortlessly through a bunch of payment methods. Each of these functions requires only a few clicks on smartphones.

Cost Efficiency

Despite charging less than traditional taxi services, app-based rideshare businesses are more cost-efficient. These apps enable the drivers to adopt the most optimized route considering distance and traffic volume on various roads. Moreover, the presence of taxi apps eliminates the need to employ large teams to respond to every ride request. The apps are capable of connecting the requesting app user with the nearest driver. Ride-hailing companies only need staff to address the queries and complaints of passengers. Taxi apps also prevent the requirement of purchasing or leasing cars. Instead, the companies acquire vehicles from private owners while returning them a part of earning.

Reaching Consumers

Every effort in regards to the marketing of taxi business becomes a whole lot easier with app at your disposal. Any product or service with a tag of discount on it prompts the consumers to acquire it. They do so even if they have to download the app. Getting a customer to download your app is the first step on way to winning consumer trust. Moreover, the discount does not damage the revenue count because the number of ride requests rises significantly during the times a company is offering free rides. You may argue that traditional taxi services may also provide discounted rides. True – but the absence of route optimization already costs them enough. The discounts, in the presence of lower rates from ride-hailing app companies, will further hike the costs.

Taxi App Software Integration is not Free of Challenges

Ride-hailing industry, as well as many taxi companies, is demonstrating massive progress with the integration of taxi software. However, a number of cases indicate that the companies failed to gain value even after integration. Following two are the primary reasons for failure of software.

Performance Setbacks

Frequent crashes, lack of smooth in-app transition between different pages, and taking excessively longer to process requests are some of the performance setbacks which lead users to quit app. Thus, you need to ensure that taxi dispatch software facilitates users in every respect. While building an app or acquiring platform-based services, be sure to evaluate the app under various conditions. CabStartup provides full access to the system for a trial period of 15 days so that taxi business owners can test it well enough.


It barely takes a minute or two to download a taxi app. If a consumer does not like the experience of using your app, one will most likely switch to another. In such competitive circumstances, you can outperform your competitors by offering seamless services with standout features.

How much does a taxi dispatch system cost?

Taxi software vendors often vaguely mention the costs to acquire surcharges later. CabStartup has unambiguous pricing policy. The taxi owners attain full access to all features of passenger, driver, and admin panels. The price is inclusive of the dispatcher as well. Moreover, CabStartup facilitates passengers by allowing them to make one-time payment. One-time payment offers in-app wallets for drivers and passenger apps. It also offers access control levels.

How CabStartup defines the benchmark for best taxi dispatch software?

The number of successful case studies and the diversity of challenges addressed in each of them indicates the experience of CabStartup in developing and improving startups and the taxi industry, respectively. We understand the intensity of competition and ensure that our customers remain ahead of their rivals. CabStartup offers distinct app modules for passengers, drivers, administrators, and dispatch staff. While some of the features are mutually occurring in each module, most features are disparate. Why going in the theoretical details when you can evaluate each feature and app efficiency yourself. Start the free trial right now.

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