Terms & Conditions of CabStartup

The General Terms and Conditions shall become effective upon the date of registering an account on, unless the Parties agree on a different effective date as stated in the Client Agreement. In the event of any inconsistencies or variations between the General T&C and the Client Agreement, the provisions outlined in the Client Agreement shall take precedence.


Provider : CabStartup
Customer : CabStartupAny corporate entity or individual that registers for an account on the platform or enters into and signs the Client Agreement with the Provider.
The terms “Provider” and “Customer” collectively constitute the “Parties,” and individually, each is referred to as a “Party.”

Subject Matter

Territory and License Period

Duties of the Parties

The Provider undertakes the following commitments:

The customer undertakes the following commitments:

Change Requests

Ownership, IP Rights and Data

License Fee and Payment Terms

Paperwork Procedure

Credit and Debit Card Payment Processing

Agreement Termination

Liabilities of the Parties

Applicable Law - Dispute Resolution


Other Conditions