The Reasons of Success of Cloud-Based Taxi Startups

The efficiency of the management system is the primary parameter which differentiates poor execution of business model from a precisely executed one. In a fiercely contested cloud-based cab startups industry, each of the significant players carries shortcomings in its service management framework.

Many startups fail to inspire after generating significant revenues despite an attractive because of the model. The primary reason for failure is the performance deficit owing to inefficient management software.

For instance, Shuddle and Taxi For Sure are two of the most pertinent examples. Each of these ride-hailing applications offered unique features like customized vehicles for kids and booking via social media applications including Twitter. However, the companies failed to sustain the pressure of requests due to incapable service management. The systems were built to address a minimal number of requests in parallel. They failed when the number of users abruptly grew in a matter of days.

The absence of effective cloud-based management software is the core limitation of taxi service startup systems. A precisely designed and implemented cloud model must offer the following characteristics.



A deficit of precision results in failed business pursuits because the top competitors emphasize the most on this element. The success of cloud-based cab startup follows from the fact that the customers wanted a service which could pick them from their doorstep only by sharing the geographical location. Besides, they also wished to put an end to surcharges which were generated due to inefficient fare calculator.

A cloud-based system with a robust artificial intelligence integration can identify the exact location of a customer. The system also runs smoothly without connection drops which ensure fair calculation of fare.

Swift response

More or less, each system works well in routine circumstances. Customers evaluate the services when an unusual situation occurs. An ordinary system will choke during high-pressure days like Christmas and New Year. The efficient taxi management app system will rapidly respond to the consumers regardless of the density of requests.

It is intensely difficult to retain a customer who is annoyed by the service. Taxi For Sure did not have a deficit of drivers or vehicles. Instead, the software failed to connect the most suitable ride with the customer. Even Uber faces difficulties during peak commuting times but manages to retain customers because there is no service as good as Uber. Thus, the service which response in the quickest time takes the battle of winning customers.

Data Backup

The traditional taxi service is obsolete because the companies did not have a strategy to store the data of customer and driver. Successful ride-hailing applications maintain a suitable number of vehicle availability in each area by assessing the number of customers. The frequency of taking rides is also a part of evaluating consumer behavior.

A company is unable to examine the customer trends if it does not have the history of their past trips. By assessing the behavior, they can offer customer-specific packages. For instances, some customers commute daily. The system should offer discounts to such riders after forecasting the trends.

Tracking System

The taxi app service technology allows customers, drivers and support staff to track the location of ride and customer in real-time. This tracking provides the estimated arrival time to riders and in-ride security to passengers. The absence of cloud platform restricts the businesses from such facility because the software running on commodity hardware cannot sustain massive workloads. The efficiency deteriorates, and the ride results in a miscommunication between stakeholders.

An cloud-based cab startup without real-time tracking mechanism is as almost as ordinary as the obsolete taxi service.

Remote Access and Processing

The most distinctive feature of any cloud-based management service is the ability of teams to work remotely. Since both data and processing software reside on remote servers instead of end-user nodes, the teams based in various locations of the world can collaborate and work to achieve the same goals. The changes made by a team at a workplace are visible to other teams too. This ability enables the businesses to address the region-specific needs.

The odds of a system breakdown are close to negligible because the applications are distributed in a vast network of servers. If one of the servers fails to respond, another covering server addresses the request.


Every digital platform requires improvements over time. The extent to which a system allows modifications and upgrading define its flexibility. The downloadable applications are also capable of software updates, but they increase the pressure on processors of end nodes. They also occupy unnecessary space in hard disk. Contrastingly, the updates and alterations are carried out on remote servers while using the cloud-based system.

Considering the growing state of competition, the businesses need to remain multiple steps ahead of their competitors in evolving the system. Cloud technology also enables the companies to keep the system intact while adding new functionalities. This capability is essential to prevent the growth of an unwanted side-effect.

Data Integrity

Customer records and personal information are intensely confidential. Over the past few years, many companies had to pay substantial penalties because the customer data was not adequately secured. The compromise of integrity and confidentiality of records has made the customers more cautious than ever before.

Fortunately, the architecture of cloud-based cab startups ensures a significantly high level of security. The access specification allows access to the authorized personnel only. While the users are unable to catch a data breach on a standalone computer as long as they do not find a set of missing or modified data, the cloud management tools share a breach attempt with concerned personnel as soon as one occurs.


A strong idea sets the stage for the entrepreneur to create the business. However, efficient implementation is essential to sustain it. The success rates of cloud-based cab startups are significant to the degree that some startups have outperformed giant and established competitors by incorporating cloud platform. The only element which many of these startups offered was enhanced service management through cloud computing.

You can be the next successful entrepreneur. If you intend to own an efficient cloud-based service management system, our experts can help you. Sign up today for assistance.

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