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Our Video Tutorial Will Help You in Understanding The Flow of Apps

Cab Startup video tutorial shows the overall workflow of our taxi software solution. After watching our video tutorial for Cab Startup system, you will see how it can adapt to many different taxi service industries and businesses such as providing limousine software solution and even water taxi software solution. In this tutorial we will take you through the main features included in our solution, covering each and every aspect of the passenger app, the driver app, and the admin panel. Starting from the passenger app, the passenger is able to request a ride with just one tap, allowing ease and efficiency. One of the most preferred feature included in passenger app is the ability to check fare estimate, as the passenger will be able to know how much the ride is going to cost after requesting it.

Keeping security in mind, we have included shared trip tracking so that if any passenger wants to let someone else keep a track of their ride, then they will be able to share a tracking link for the trip. Not only that, this tracking is done in real-time, because customer satisfaction and security are both kept in high focus. Along with all of this, the passenger’s ride request history is maintained in a detailed manner, consisting of their pick-up and drop-off locations and the fare calculated for each ride. Similarly, for the driver app we have a unique feature of driver detection, that means every driver will also be able to locate other drivers in their nearby vicinity, allowing them to get somewhere that will increase their chances of receiving ride requests from passengers. The admin panel allows organized management for both drivers and passengers, including their ride request information and generating complete detailed records.