Get best App solution and take your taxi business online in no time booking app, driver app, and dispatcher

Booking Platform

CabStartup provides operators to establish a digital platform (website and/or mobile app) where users can create accounts, browse available water taxis and make bookings.

Route Optimization

Drivers receive route recommendations that help them avoid congested areas and navigate efficiently, ensuring timely arrivals for passengers.


Safety Alerts

Drivers receive alerts about safety concerns, such as adverse weather conditions or navigational hazards, helping them make informed decisions to ensure passenger safety.

Emergency Response

In case of emergencies, the module enables drivers to quickly contact central operations for immediate assistance, enhancing passenger safety and crisis management.

Booking a Water Taxi

Users open the app and enter their destination. The platform shows available water taxis nearby or based on user preferences. Users select a water taxi, review the estimated fare and confirm the booking. 


The app provides passengers with updates about the journey, including real-time location, estimated time of arrival and any important announcements.


Onboard Experience

Passengers enjoy a comfortable and scenic ride on the water taxi. They have access to amenities such as comfortable seating, panoramic windows and possibly Wi-Fi or charging ports.

Real-Time Tracking

After booking, passengers can track the real-time location of their booked water taxi through the app. This provides them with updates on the taxi’s current location and estimated time of arrival.

Booking Management

The module receives and manages passenger bookings from the booking platform, app or website. It stores booking details such as routes, departure times and passenger counts.

Route Assignment

The module assigns available water taxis to upcoming trips based on the bookings received. It optimizes the allocation of water taxis to ensure efficient occupancy and reduced waiting times.

Passenger Notifications

Passengers receive real-time notifications about their booked water taxi, including boarding instructions, real-time location updates and any potential delays.

Queue Management

The dispatcher module manages the boarding process, organizing passengers into orderly queues based on their bookings, ensuring a smooth embarkation process.

User Registration and Account Creation

Users would need to sign up on the platform by providing their basic details, contact information and payment methods.

Location Services

The platform integrates GPS technology to allow users to share their current location. This can be used to provide accurate pickup and drop-off locations.

Water Taxi Operators Registration

Water taxi operators would need to use the CabStartup solution. They would provide information about their boats, crew, routes and schedules.

Environmentally Friendly

Water taxis are generally considered an eco-friendlier transportation option compared to traditional motor vehicles, as they produce fewer emissions.


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