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Water taxi rental services are a popular means of transportation in many coastal cities and tourist destinations. Water taxis provide a unique and scenic way for people to travel short distances across rivers, lakes and coastal areas. 


Let your customers Enjoy cruise with CabStartup water taxi Solutions

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Ride the Waves, Skip
the Traffic

Our water taxi solution offers a refreshing and efficient alternative to road congestion. By gliding through waterways, you'll reach your destination faster and without the hassle of traffic delays.

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Aquatic Journeys,
Elevated Comfort

Experience a new level of comfort as you embark on aquatic journeys with our water taxi service. Relax in spacious seating, enjoy panoramic views, and let the gentle sway of the water create a serene and soothing travel environment.

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Connect Coasts,
Bridge Communities

Our water taxi solution isn't just about transportation but connecting communities across the coasts. Seamlessly bridge the gap between neighborhoods, boost tourism, and foster stronger bonds between waterfront areas.

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Sustainability Flows,
Emissions Zero

Choose a sustainable mode of travel with our water taxi solution. With zero emissions and a commitment to protecting aquatic ecosystems, you can enjoy the convenience of water transport while contributing to a cleaner, greener future.

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The mobility industry is experiencing a digital transformation. We completely understand this and thus help
you take your business to the next level with our taxi dispatch software..

Booking and Scheduling Platform

Our advanced digital platform allows users to book water taxi rides conveniently, select routes and choose departure times according to their preferences.

Fleet Management System

A comprehensive system for managing the water taxi fleet, including monitoring vessel locations, maintenance schedules, fuel levels and ensuring efficient deployment based on demand.


Communication Infrastructure

A robust communication network facilitates real-time updates between passengers, crew and central operations, ensuring smooth coordination and addressing any unforeseen changes.

Payment and Fare Collection

An integrated payment system allows passengers to pay seamlessly through various methods, including contactless payments, mobile wallets and traditional options, making transactions hassle-free.

User-Friendly Booking

Passengers can easily access the water taxi service through a user-friendly app or website, enabling them to quickly book rides, choose routes and manage their travel plans.

Real-Time Updates

Our system provides real-time updates on water taxi availability, departure times and any schedule changes, ensuring passengers are always informed about their journey.


Onboard Amenities

Water taxis are equipped with comfortable seating, panoramic windows, climate control and possibly amenities like Wi-Fi, charging ports and refreshments, ensuring a pleasant and enjoyable ride.

Safety Measures

Passengers’ safety is paramount, with trained crew members, life-saving equipment and adherence to safety protocols, ensuring a secure journey across the waterways.

Our taxi booking software is ready to help you get
started with the best taxi booking app.

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Booking and Reservation This handles passenger bookings, allowing users to select routes, departure times, and payment options. It provides a user-friendly interface for passengers to plan their journeys.
Fleet Management It monitors and manages the water taxi fleet. It tracks vessel locations, schedules maintenance, optimizes deployment based on demand, and ensures efficient utilization of resources.
Navigation and Routing Responsible for guiding water taxis along the optimal routes. It incorporates GPS technology, real-time traffic data, and weather information to ensure safe and efficient navigation.
Communication and Alerts This enables communication between passengers, crew members, and central operations. It sends out real-time alerts, notifications about schedule changes, and emergency communications.
Payment and Fare Collection Handles fare calculation, payment processing, and ticket validation. It supports various payment methods, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction experience for passengers.
Safety and Security This focuses on passenger safety, providing emergency protocols, monitoring equipment, and tools to respond to incidents promptly. It may also include CCTV monitoring and alarms.
Passenger Information System Offers passengers real-time information about routes, schedules, and expected arrival times through displays or the mobile app, enhancing the overall passenger experience.
Environmental Monitoring Monitors environmental conditions such as water quality, emissions, and weather. It helps maintain eco-friendly operations and ensures compliance with environmental regulations.
Analytics and Reporting Collects and analyzes data related to passenger behavior, fleet performance, and operational efficiency. This module enables operators to make informed decisions and optimize services.
Maintenance and Inventory Tracks maintenance schedules, spare parts inventory, and service history of each vessel. This ensures the fleet is well-maintained and minimizes downtime.
Modern Vessels Fleet consists of state-of-the-art water taxis equipped with the latest navigation technology, comfortable seating, and safety features to provide a secure and enjoyable ride.
Digital Booking Platform Utilize CabStartup user-friendly solution to easily book rides, check schedules, and receive real-time updates on water taxi availability, ensuring a seamless and convenient booking experience.
Eco-Friendly Operation CabStartup user-friendly solution prioritize sustainability by using eco-friendly propulsion systems, adhering to emissions regulations, and implementing waste reduction practices to minimize our environmental impact.

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