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About Water Taxi Industry

The water taxi is a valuable service that many countries of the world are keenly using. CabStartup water taxi app solution assists existing businesses to transform into in-demand service providers and new entrepreneurs to implement this business model.

Our water taxi customers operate in various countries. Most of our clients from this industry are operating in Australia apart from clients at both ends of Atlantic. CabStartup solution enables you to facilitate your customers with seamless and comfortable water taxi services.

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Services for Water Taxi Businesses

Water Taxi Dispatch Platform
CabStartup is among the very few startup developers who managed to sustain water taxi entrepreneurs with advanced technology. The case studies indicate how we got there.
Market Research
Understanding market trends and consumer behaviors is an undeniable factor for crafting a business strategy. Our experts take leverage of technology for effective research.
UX Enhancement
Ease of acquiring a service is a significant cause to attract and retain customers. Our experts ensure that your apps remain flawless to provide customers with a seamless experience.
Business Branding
Branding is crucial for your business recognition and expansion. Our experts assist you in developing topline brand identity with unparalleled customization of your taxi app.
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Who we are ?

Cab Startup is the top choice for taxi service providers and ride-hailing startups. Since 2017, we are providing water taxi solutions too. Online water taxi booking system. We provide an unparalleled on-demand water taxi dispatch software to the business owners working in this industry.

What we do ?

We customize our water taxi solution for you so that it corresponds to your business requirements. Our water taxi booking platform comprises native apps for service providers as well as passengers. The platform also includes web based admin to perform administrative tasks.

How we do it ?

Cab Startup provides a customized water taxi solution precisely as per your requirements. The solution already includes all essential features so that we do not need to develop each app from scratch. However, you may have additional business-specific features.

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