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There are hosts of CabStartup pricing features depending on the different pricing plans and most plans have similar features. Thus, the pricing structure varies with the number of additional features that you aim to incorporate. Following is the list of additional features that we offer exclusively to the premium customers:

1. Heat Maps
2. Geo-Fencing
3. Referral Codes
4. Promo Codes
5. Driver Wallet
6. Passenger Wallet
7. Access Control Level (ACL).

Apart from these, there are certain features that we offer regardless of the total price. These common features are as follows:

1. Branded Native iPhone Apps (Driver + Passenger)
2. Branded Native Android Apps (Driver + Passenger)
3. Dynamic Admin Panel
4. Phone Number Verification (of Drivers and Passengers)
5. Credit / Debit Card Payment/ Cash Payment
6. Major Payment Gateways Already Integrated
7. Automated commission percentage and fare split feature
8. Admin Notifications
9. Multiple Vehicle Types (up to 4 at max)
10. Auto Ride Assigning to Nearest Driver
11. Navigation Options for Drivers
12. Ride Status Push Notification
13. Detailed Trip History (for Drivers and Passengers)

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