What are some startup ideas?

In this day and age, more and more people are moving away from the 9 – 5 job model and are looking to start their own businesses. However, one of the many speed bumps that new business leaders encounter when starting their own companies is what niche the business is going to be a part of and what it is actually going to do. Well, out of question to you is are you looking for some good startup ideas? If yes, then have no fear, for this blog post is going to give you just that.

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On-demand Taxi Business:

In a time when most of our society is opting for public transport as opposed to buying personal vehicles, it would be a wise decision to start a taxi business. It is a healthy and continuously growing industry that will prove to be very welcoming for new business leaders who carefully traverse its waters.
Of course, to be successful in the taxi dispatch service industry, you are going to need a state-of-the-art software application system to host the service on. And in case you do not want to build one yourself, we at Cab Startup are happy to provide you with a cutting-edge white label solution.

Skilled Trade:

Skilled trade includes many different avenues such as plumbing services, carpentry services, electrician services, extermination services, cleaning services, etc. and each one is brimming with business opportunities. Fortunately, given how many different skilled trades exist, the industry has enough scope and space to be a successful environment for entrepreneurs.

If you are skilled in any trades and are looking to expand your outreach, or if you are simply looking to make a successful business then you are obviously going to need on-demand dispatch applications because this industry has also found its way to the on-demand service business model. And of course, you can always opt for a white label solution in which case Odtap would be an excellent option.


If there is one thing our generation loves more than anything, it is food. As such, especially if you are on living in a small town then it would be easier to compete against larger chains such as Starbucks. This is true for various reasons, the biggest of which is that in small towns almost everybody knows everybody, and most people would want to support you and your business. Furthermore, there are other things you can do to attract potential customers such as, being in a convenient location for vehicles, cycles, on foot traffic and offer a pleasant environment with theme appropriate furniture and some light music. Last but not least, you are going to have to make some fantastic coffee served by well trained and well-mannered baristas.

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Food Trucks:

Usually, when people think of food trucks they think of young people putting creative twists on popular fast food items such as burgers, hot dogs, etc. and that is absolutely true. The main attraction behind food trucks is trying all the new ways food can be made and eaten. But, that does not mean that food trucks must serve unhealthy fast food. Plenty of food trucks offer comparatively healthier alternatives as opposed to their junk food counterparts. For example, this one food truck vendor offers French fries made from apples. While that is not exactly healthy itself, it is still healthier than potato made French fries.

My point is if you or someone you who wants to work with you is good at cooking and if you have some creative ideas for food, then you have a good chance of running a successful food truck, which if you play your cards right, can grow into a larger business.

Business plan consultation business:

Now, this one may sound a little odd, but starting a business that helps clients make business plans is actually a really good idea. More often than not, many new entrepreneurs do not have a lot of business knowledge and as such are incapable of producing a competent business plan.
Anyone who has proper business knowledge knows the importance of having a well thought out and documented business plan seeing as how it aids in gaining investors and it also aids in running the business itself. Therefore, if you have good business knowledge then you can offer your consulting services to new entrepreneurs and in time you can expand it to a full-on consultation business that dabbles in more than just helping people with business plans.


As you may have already guessed, these are not all the business opportunities that you can pursue, but they are highly popular with large pre-existing markets which shows that if you enter them and if you play your cards right, then there will be a seat on the table for you.

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