What Are the Pros of Branded Taxi Apps?

Fierce competition in the ride-hailing business and taxi booking apps like Ola, Uber, and Lyft have produced severe challenges for the taxi and transportation industry. With their mobile apps, hailing a taxi is now just a few taps away!

Traditional Taxi businesses are facing hard times as their customers are shifting towards app-based cab hailing services, which offer an improved cab booking experience.

While many taxi and cab companies are still stuck with inefficient phone call bookings. On the other hand, competitors are using real-time booking platforms. Statistics show that taxis lose at least $20 million on everyday basis just because passengers are unable to find a cab.

It is compulsory for the success of any business to adopt the new technologies. In the era of mobile phones, a branded taxi app can take your business to the next level as compared to the conventional method of doing taxi businesses.

The electronic system makes it capable of offering rapid mobility services. Investing in taxi app development has become crucial for taxi operators. It assists the passengers and connects them in real-time with your fleet.

Some of the Pros of Branded Taxi Apps are listed below:


A white label mobile app gives your taxi business full visibility among customers that increase customer base. People prefer using taxi apps to get cab services. It has become mandatory for every taxi business to have a mobile app as taxi businesses lose customers without having a mobile app.

Huge Profits:

Many taxi operators and drivers who are using apps are enjoying the pros of branded taxi apps in the form of higher profits. A ride-hailing company can develop his or her app with the help of app development company, save on commissions and enjoy the pros of branded taxi apps.

Leverage Automation & Reduce Costs:

A taxi booking app used by your customers connect them with your drivers in real-time via a driver dispatch app. It offers a better booking experience for your customers, boosts driver performance and reduces the overhead costs, which is much higher in the traditional or manual taxi business.

Added Benefits:

It is now possible to get your taxi app to get the added benefits of branding. Taxi companies can get the app customized to meet their specific business requirements with essential features and combinations.

They have open the doors to modernizing your taxi business. Investing in a custom taxi company app will boost your business and improve customer’s experience.

A basic taxi booking app has three Categories:

Passenger App:

Customers download the app on their device by registering and sign up. They can see the available drivers near their location while booking a ride. An interactive map enables passengers to track the driver in real-time. Multiple payment options are available that will allow riders to travel around cashless.

Driver App:

Drivers register and sign up the trip requests immediately. They can confirm the pickup location in less than a minute. The driver has an option to accept or reject a ride depending on his availability. Advanced booking request options are also available. Real-time alerts are sent to both customers and drivers before the pickup.

Business Administration:

The taxi business owners have to access the master admin panel to manage your fleet and drivers. They can monitor and view drivers on a real-time basis, allowing efficient management. There is the option to ask your customers to rate their driving experience, leave feedback, and see your driver’s driving history and more.

Customers calling for booking a taxi is an age-old method of taxi service. In the advanced era, the mobility and internet are embracing the latest technologies for taxi booking to stay competitive and grow your business. A potential customer calls for a pickup, confirms a reservation and then get the services of your taxi.

The entire process takes a few minutes. Your customers wait for long periods. Customers require speedy and efficient delivery in the minimum time. Taxi booking and confirmation do not take more than a few minutes.

Here are some Pros of Branded Taxi Apps:

Driver Efficiency:

Branded taxi apps boost driver productivity and bring efficiency. Branded apps allow giving feedback that drives profitability, which is not available in traditional taxi businesses. In the taxi app, you can monitor the driver’s performance, boost the productivity of your business and give feedback on the ride.

Without an app, your drivers may spend a lot of idle time on the roads looking for passengers. Using an app, it becomes possible to boost driver efficiency. Therefore, drivers are optimally hired, and passengers do not wait for several minutes.

Real-Time Connectivity:

Branded apps help in real time connectivity as drivers are aware of their passenger’s pick-up locations. With the real-time connectivity, drivers and passengers are aware of each other’s exact location.

In a nutshell, a white label taxi app would:

• Enhance customer experience by reducing booking time.
• Reduce operational costs.
• Streamline the business operations.
• Improve driver productivity and revenues.

If you are running a taxi business, do check our taxi app development solution. We offer branded taxi apps for transport businesses to manage your fleet operations and boost your taxi business. Our experts deliver a customized solution for your taxi business according to your essential features. For quality taxi solutions, Sign Up today.

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