What is the importance of marketing in making a Taxi Company successful? (Hint: Avoid Bad Marketing).

Over the past few years, app-based taxi companies are increasing in number rapidly. Not only there is an influx of new Taxi App Companies but the overall industry revenue is also growing. Latest trends show that the revenue in the ridesharing segment amounts to US$17,191m in 2018, which is expected to rise to US$30,329 by 2022.
revenue stats in the ridesharing segmentThe industry stats are favorable for taxi businesses. However, all new taxi companies could not become successful. What is the reason?
The answer is quite surprising: Very few business owners are ready to market their services like Uber to become successful. However, they want to get the market share which Uber has captured. Crazy, right?

The ride-sharing market is comparatively saturated in 2018, which shows the significance of marketing for every new taxi company to compete against market giants such as Uber and Lyft.

In addition, the graph below showing consumer behavior illustrates that most of the consumers buy from the brands they trust. Do you know how to develop trust for your brand? It’s about communicating your brand message, which is the result of marketing activities.
People that buy from trusted brandsTherefore, companies without marketing are doomed in the long-run. In reality, those businesses often lead to failure after a few months of operation. We at Cab Startup, care the most for our clients’ business success. We provide an all-in-one on-demand technological solution, which can enable you to conduct effective marketing activities.

How Bad Marketing Techniques Effect Ride-Sharing Business?

Firstly, marketing is the key to attract clients to your business. Hence, without a good marketing plan, making efforts to grow your business is in vain. Lack of marketing activities leads to business failure that vanishes in disgrace.

Ignoring marketing is a wrong decision and a big obstacle in your business success. In other words, you can say that investments in marketing is the investment in the company’s long-term growth and success.

Bad marketing comprises of various forms and shapes that include inappropriate logo or icon, poor social media campaign management, lack of app store optimization techniques and a lot more. Poor marketing techniques can destroy your brand image and customer acquisition efforts.How Bad Marketing Techniques Effect Ride-Sharing Business?

Marketing Mistakes Leading to Taxi App Business Failure:

Giant companies celebrate their success because they have a clear target, plan and marketing activities. Reasons for the new taxi businesses failure is associated with no clear objectives, no clear target, and no brand language.Marketing Mistakes Leading to Taxi App Business Failure:Here is how marketing mistakes can lead to business failures:

  • Very often, companies think that marketing is not more significant and can be addressed later.
  • Marketing strategy is carried out without proper planning and goals.
  • Business decisions are made keeping in mind short-term benefits only
  • Business owners have no interest in researching the target audience.
  • They ignore planning a budget and a road-map for success.
  • Launch the services with a non-branded app.

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Consequences of ‘No Marketing’ for Taxi Businesses:

Small businesses consider marketing expense as an extra burden that is not important for business survival. They think that the budget for marketing is a residual. Moreover, they keep branding for a later stage, which is a big mistake as people cannot recognize the company and taxi businesses stay behind in promoting their apps.

At the later stages, bitter reality comes in front of the business owners when revenue does not increase according to the expectations and planning, that marketing strategy they adopted was panic-driven and unproductive.
Consequences of 'No Marketing' for Taxi Businesses:

Effect of ‘Random Marketing Activities’ on your business growth.

Is doing random marketing stuff the only marketing strategy for your taxi app business? If this is true, then doing nothing for marketing is better than performing random activities. You should realize the importance of a proper marketing plan and strategy.

Random marketing operations affect your taxi business by:

  • Unimpressive results. If you make marketing campaigns and design activities solely on your intuitions then it can have adverse effects on your set KPIs.
  • Failing to achieve your targets. Guesswork will waste your time and money. You might fail to grow your customer base and revenues.
  • Investing in everything ‘marketing’. If you are investing in every marketing channel, you are wasting your marketing budget. [Key takeaways: Focus on marketing channels that work best for you and your target market]

You know what? Research and data analytics is the base for creating a good marketing strategy. If you have not defined your set goals and path to achieve the targets, then you might develop a negative perception for your taxi business among your customers.

Trust is the key element to acquire customers for a longer period of time. Remember? You can develop solid trust only with a defined marketing plan and strategy.

Role of Successful Marketing and Taxi App to Ensure Success:

Implementing basic marketing techniques is the initial step. The next step is to apply advanced marketing techniques depending on real-time data. Making decisions purely on guesswork often fails. Find real-time data to know your clients and their needs is vital to move towards success.

Market analysis is essential for decision making rather than doing marketing on assumptions. Doing a thorough research of important marketing techniques that can bring good results or hiring a taxi app white label solution provider and marketing company to do the job is a wise decision.

A successful business requires marketing based on real-time data, implementing strategies, and the use of a white label solution for your taxi business to get long-term success. It ensures that your business will get more returns over investments.
To ensure taxi business success, you need to:

  • Do research thoroughly about the target market, competitors’ position, and make a marketing plan before launch.
  • Set a budget for marketing activities.
  • Choose professionals to do the branding at least for the taxi booking app and website.


Do market research and make business decisions using the facts and analytical data. Consider the market specifics and the characteristics of your target audience to forecast ROI. Decide on a marketing budget and hire a professional company for marketing services and taxi app white label solution. If you want success in your taxi business, signup to get outstanding services today.

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