White-label Solutions for Limo Reservation System

Today Uber and Lyft are the most popular names in the transportation industry and are behemoths that have caused a massive turnaround in the transportation services. Following their example, businesses in every niche have left traditional methods behind to adopt the on-demand business model.

During its early days, Uber introduced UberBLACK which can be called the luxurious version of Uber X found today. However, limousine service is one of the markets that has not been penetrated by Uber yet. Neither Uber nor its competitors have shown much interest in the market of limousine service making this niche an opportunity waiting to be explored.

Why limousine Business is here to stay

A limousine will always remain a symbol of class and elegance. It is an evergreen market that will never go out of fashion. This is because riding a limo entails so much more.

Riding a limo means experiencing comfort with a touch of luxury and elegance. The power and authority that one gets from just sitting in a limo is what makes it so much more than other cab services and taxi businesses.

People will never opt out of making their special occasions even more special by hiring luxury cars. Hiring a limo on occasions like weddings, corporate events and welcoming a special guest for closing a business deal adds a touch of splendour to them.

Industry Outlook (2020 – 2025)
The limousine service industry offers passenger transportation through luxury cars. These services are rented or hired along with a driver. The industry also includes limousine and hearse rentals providing funeral services.
The following points show the industry outlook on limousine services for the next 5 years:
  • According to Statista, rising consumer spending, corporate demand and increasing propensity to spend on luxury experiences have driven the market for limousine services. 
  • The limousine service will touch the market with $94.4 billion by the end of the year 2023.
  • Although, behemoths like Uber and Lyft have indeed overshadowed the limo services for the past years but statistics reveal that the trend is about to change. 
  • The limousine industry is set to rebound over the next few years. 
  • Corporate profit is the industry’s most driving revenue and it is expected to rise in the next few years. 
  • Growing demand from corporate travellers, tourists and private households is expected to stimulate the expansion Limousine service industry.
Why demand for Limousine service is bound to increase

From the facts mentioned above, it is clear that the Limo business is not going to decline. The only reason its popularity decreased was because of the on-demand services like Uber and Lyft that took the market by a storm. People are attracted to the simplicity and ease of booking that the on-demand model provides. If the sleek limo system adopts this business model and offers people ease and simplicity along with class and luxury; then the demand for limousine services will increase. 

These are some of the benefits of adopting an on demand business model and installing a dispatch system in a limousine fleet business.
Customer comes first
A limousine service is all about providing the customer with an unforgettable experience. A sleek and efficient reservation system is what sets the pace for the upcoming ride and rises the customer expectations for a luxurious experience. An automated system equipped with the state-of-the-art technology accompanied by an app providing an elegant interface is of utmost necessity to introduce the customer to the rest of the services that the limo company has to offer.
Automation decreases cost
Through automation, the limousine reservation system can use algorithms for matching customer requests to the limousines and this reducing ETAs for the customers. The robust limo reservation app results in improving drivers’ and vehicles’ performance through seamless tracking thus increasing efficiency and reducing overhead cost.
Real time connectivity
A limo reservation system can provide real time connectivity between the driver, customer and the admin. Through this seamless connectivity, the pickup point is easy to locate thus saving time and avoiding delay.
Staying on top of the competition

While renting a luxury car, what a prospective customer wants is instant quotes, present location of the driver, chat with the limo company representative or connecting with the limo driver. Staying on top of the competition means that a service provider must offer all these services and find a way to stay ahead of the competition by offering services that make them stand out.

Reduction of Operational Costs
Adopting the on-demand model and leveraging state of the art technology means that you are cutting down operational costs. It helps in decreasing the overhead costs that come from managing manually. Communication costs are significantly cut down because of online communication.
How Cabstartup ensures your limo Business success
Since starting off in 2014, Cabstartup has been helping entrepreneurs and struggling start-ups build their businesses by introducing high-quality white label solutions. We have achieved this by employing an efficient reservation and dispatch system to manage the business.
Here are the essential features that Cabstartup provides for an efficient Limo reservation system.
Efficient Admin and Dispatch Panel
The limousine reservation system with the admin and dispatch panel allows collection of statistical data regarding rides and transactions. This data helps to pinpoint the most active regions with more potential customers. It helps pinpoint regions of high revenue generation.
Separate Driver and Passenger Apps

Separate driver and customer apps make the limousine reservation process more seamless and comfortable.

  • The passengers are provided with a user-friendly interface with easy booking and multiple payment options. 
  • They can also contact the driver and track their progress. 
  • Security is also provided through real time tracking with their contact.
  • The limousine chauffeur; whose utmost responsibility is to transport their passengers on time, can now easily do that through route optimization.
  •  GPS technology enables drivers to reach pick up locations without delays.
Advanced online payment and E-receipts

The limousine reservation system uses integrated payment gateway methods for secure online payments over multiple payment options 

More features

Cabstartup dispatch Apps maintain a secure API for passenger and driver communication.  Feedbacks allow the customer to rate their limo and driver experience thus allowing the service providers to improve the experience. 

Get your own Limo Reservation System

A limousine service is associated with class and elegance which does not end with the car. This elegance must also be reflected in your application so that your customers can get a glimpse into their upcoming luxurious experience through the app. Connect with us today to make your Limo business stand out.

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