White Label Taxi App – Recent Case Studies in Brief

The past couple of years enabled CabStartup to widen the global client-base by attracting ride-hailing startups and established taxi companies from various regions of the world. The projects in Australia including Water Taxis and MooV expanded our client-base to every inhabited continent. The diversity of projects allowed us to restructure CabStartup white label taxi app platform adding incredibly higher flexibility. Although there are dozens of established businesses which are leveraging CabStartup technology, yet this article specifically shares the projects that we worked on since the start of 2019. Most of these businesses are up and running successfully while a couple of them have launched recently. MooV is expected to launch soon.

CabStartup Subscribers Network

CabStartup offers subscriptions as well as one-time payment solution. Following are the companies leveraging our platform through subscription-based model. Also read: CabStartup Pricing

1. BlackStar Taxi – Mykonos, Greece

Many CabStartup case studies suggest that our client-base predominantly belongs to metropolitans. However, BlackStar Taxi is one of the instances reflecting clients in smaller regions. Mykonos – one of the famous Greek islands providing scenic beauty to travelers – lacked a ride-hailing service. While the absence of competitors is beneficial, it also carries a disadvantage of absence of a similar case. BlackStar offers three types of vehicles including Standard, SUV, and Van. The customers are able to view the precise fare during scheduling. This company quickly moved on top of all the ride-hailing options available on the island. BlackStar enables its customers to pay by cash as well besides credit card or e-wallet.  

2. eDriverz LLC – Tucson, Arizona

eDriverz started only seven months back in February 2019 with a goal to address the growing demand of rideshare services in Tucson, Arizona. The efficiency in operations allowed this company to emerge as one of the top choices for Arizonans. With the remarkable growth in the first few months, the leaders felt motivated to expand into other states. CabStartup also assisted in scaling up the taxi dispatch software platform to accommodate more drivers and sustain more traffic. Consequently, eDriverz is one of the fastest growing startups in the US. The companies uses entire platform of CabStartup including separate apps for drivers and passengers, a dispatch panel, and an admin panel. This cloud-based platform enables eDriverz to effortlessly scale-up as much as they want.  

3. KinderCarGo – Calgary, Canada

The widespread success of Ride-hailing services like HopSkipDrive and Zūm in the US encouraged entrepreneurs of KinderCarGo to introduce a similar service in Canada as well. The service currently available in Calgary would be expanded soon in other cities. KinderCarGo required extra bit of security features since it is particularly branded as transportation for children and families. Thus, CabStartup developers ensured that this white label taxi app does not only provide features for surveillance of drivers but also enable parents to verify once the children reach destination. Learn more: How Taxi Dispatch Platform Ensures Security? Parents can also communicate with children during the journey. The app provides verification to administrators once a driver picks up and drops off the passenger.  

4. Lady for Lady – San Tiago, Chile

This is an all-women service recently uploaded on app stores. The development was not as challenging as branding because the client wanted this service for a specific niche. Our designers and developers collaborated to make multiple prototypes. Each prototype offered a range of options for app design, theme, and logo. Also read: How to Enhance User Experience in Taxi Management Apps Lady for Lady uses entire taxi management software including driver and passenger apps and admin modules. The administration staff is able to view business insights in an interactive form featuring graphs, tables, and charts. This innovative idea is expected to grow bigger due to the shortfall of women-only ridesharing services. One major reason for limiting it to women is to ensure security. Thus, CabStartup developers ensured that each driver gets registered after a significant amount of verification.  

5. Let’s Drive – New York City

The growing needs rideshare market in New York City encouraged Let’s Drive leadership to introduce this startup. CabStartup is in contact with Let’s Drive executives for the past few months. Our developers worked in close collaboration with their leadership so that white label taxi app for driver and passenger can be rebranded precisely as per the client’s requirements. Also read: Rideshare Software to Implement Multiple Businesses The app was uploaded on App Store and Google Play two weeks back in September 2019. Apart from usual features including real-time tracking, route optimization, profiles of users, user analytics among others, the app also carries some unique features. Proximity search is one of the notable features that allowing drivers to find the nearby drivers. Besides, it also enables them to find the areas where demand is excessively higher than number of available vehicles. Using this ability, drivers can move to a nearest region where the probability of finding a passenger is higher.  

6. Mobili360 – Conakry, Guinea

With a turmoil-filled history and low human development index of just over 0.459, it is fairly challenging to successfully introduce a ridesharing service. Like BlackStar, Mobili360 project also lacked a similar case. Thus, CabStartup experts performed a wide-scale research to understand geographic and demographic differences before rebranding software. The results of this research revealed a poor public transit system. Moreover, it also pointed out huge flaws in local taxi system which remained the only choice for commuters. Population with low per capita income had no or little option to pay higher taxi fares. CabStartup branded its white label taxi app platform for Mobili360 in a way that it corresponded to the native requirements. Mobili360 after beginning in the capital Conakry is prepared to expand in the neighboring countries as well.  

7. Money Cabs – San Antonio, Texas

Money Cabs made its way into the Mainland US when Uber and Lyft were operating in every stretch and corner of the country. It was challenging to pitch against the existing giants of ride-hailing industry. Nevertheless, CabStartup white label taxi dispatch platform enabled Money Cabs to attract a massive customer-base. The membership options for users allow them to enjoy exclusive benefits if they continue to use Money Cabs services regularly. Also read: Also read: Advancement in Ride-hailing Apart from on-demand taxi services with varying rate, Money Cabs also offers pick and drop services to airport on flat rates. Customers can also access SUVs and luxury class vehicles. An incredible growth in the US followed by decent mark in the UK enabled Money Cabs to earn a price tag as high as $20 million when estimated by independent auditors.  

8. Roadrunner – Los Angeles, California

Roadrunner slightly varies from other ride-hailing services in that it provides shuttle services whose destinations are public areas only. The company initiated 28 years back to facilitate passengers with shuttle service. It remained one of the primary choices for commuters during all these years until the arrival of on-demand services. As Roadrunner started to fall out of favor, the company leadership sought assistance from CabStartup for technology acquisition. Our experts rebranded the taxi management software to enable Roadrunner in starting on-demand shuttle service. The company strengthened its ground in Los Angeles and surrounding cities including Ventura and Santa Barbara. Now, it is starting to offer services in other US states as well. Apart from shuttle service, it also provides minibuses, luxury cars, and sedan with private drivers.  

9. Water Taxis Australia – Sydney, Australia

Each of the previous cases along with the ones not mentioned in this article present the effectiveness of CabStartup platform for land-based taxi and ride-hailing services. This case of Water Taxi Australia demonstrates the flexibility of CabStartup to work as good for water taxi startups as for land-based ones. Passengers can seek this service in all notable coastal areas. The booking process is as simple as scheduling a ride on Alianza or any other efficient ride-hailing service. Moreover, the app also enables passengers to pay via digital in-app wallet. Water Taxi Australia pushed CabStartup white label taxi app platform to new limits. This case also indicates that you can expand the nature of your startup by offering more kinds of services using the same taxi dispatch software system.  

Enterprise Solution Clients

Apart from companies acquiring our white label platform on subscription basis, many startups and enterprises acquire it through one-time payment. Following are the cases from 2019.

1. Alianza Taxi – Tucker, Georgia

Taxi companies acquired CabStartup Taxi dispatch software in the past to compete the rising on-demand ride-hailing startups. However, Alianza Taxi is one of those few companies which branded itself as a taxi company despite the fact that ride-hailing companies appeared more lucrative. The companies initiated in an already severely contested market of Tucker, Georgia in 2015. Nevertheless, the efficiency of CabStartup platform combined with effective marketing strategy of our team enabled Alianza to grab a significant market share relatively quicker. In a small period, the company introduced services to other cities in Georgia including Lawrenceville and Decatur. Now, the company is all set to hit the ground in Atlanta and other US states. CabStartup continues partnership with Alianza Taxi to provide taxi software technology. Learn more: Alianza Taxi Service  

2. MooV – Perth, Australia

The development of this startup concluded recently. The launching of this service is expected in October 2019 in Perth. MooV is not only going to be an on-demand taxi service. Rather it will offer shared mobility and car rental as well. There are multiple options to choose from while booking a ride. The riders can order a compact car or an extra-large one with separate space for luggage. Besides, it also enables passengers to acquire luxury vehicles. Prior to this project, CabStartup developed on-demand car rental apps from scratch. However, the developers enabled white label taxi booking app platform to allow integration of car rental services as well.  

3. Rapid Taxies – Colombo, Sri Lanka

The emerging ride-hailing market in Sri Lanka requires immaculate service and extensive marketing to ensure that customers prefer your services above others. This island country might be small in terms of area but its population of 21.4 million individuals provides a strong market. Unlike usual ride-hailing businesses which hire gig workers, Rapid Taxies offer full-time employment with benefits. Thus, the company implements an extensive recruitment criterion before getting a driver on-board. The driver app ensures all the features regarding security and background verifications. Moreover, the app also facilitates drivers with medical insurance acquisition and credit card integration. CabStartup is successfully realizing its vision of assisting startups and governments in developing shared mobility networks. The success and sustainability of these recent case studies and the ones prior to 2018 reflect our commitment toward goal achievement. We would love to work with you on the next ride-hailing project. Get the free trial for two weeks today to evaluate our platform.

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